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Pojo's Shaman King TCG Card of the Day

Assailing Aegis

Type - Strike
Card Number - REI-104

Card Ratings
Tournament- 1.7
Casual- 1.7
Sealed- 1.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.13.05


Blank Zero

Name: Assailing Aegis
Number: REI_104
Cost (G/Y/R): 3/0/0
Type: Strike
Stats: 4/4
Rarity: Uncommon
Trait: Melee
Text: "Flip your Shaman from the back to the front --> +3 Intercept and +3 Force."
Flavor Text: "Swords and shields are only implements of war. It's a hard heart that kills."

Well, it's my week to pick the cards again. This week, I picked cards that all feature Amidamaru. Today's card has him as an oversoul, which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, the card itself is NOT so cool. Let's take a look at this card, and why I would never play it in any deck... EVER.

This card rocks because:
-It has the potential to be a pretty cheap 7/7.

Well, three green for a 7/7 IS really good. That's the most economical power strike in the game, furyoku-wise. Unfortunately, we have the patyment cost of the ability, which takes us from this rather short segment into:

This card sucks because:
-It has below par force and intercept.
-You won't always be able to use the effect.
-You will rarely WANT to use the effect.
-It's traited to melee shaman.

Ummmm...screw the potential of this card. The payment cost, flipping the shaman chamber card from the back to the front, implies a few things. First, it implies that your chamber card already has to be on the back, which can be enough of a task, as it is. Second, it implies that a +3/+3 boost is worth doing so for.

So first, this card's effect is extremely situational. You have to flip it when you're on the back of the chamber card, which may or may not be the case when you finally do so. Because of this fact, the card's base stats really need to be examined. A 4/4 for three green isn't exactly a bargain. And the stats are a little on the low side for a strike. It's opening strike stats, with a somewhat excessive cost.

Then again, even if you COULD use the effect... why would you ever want to? Look at Yoh. You already used Overhead Thwap, and all your zones are charged again. You flip this card... hmmm... should I use this 7/7 for three green, or be intelligent, and launch my free 6/6 that adds 2 furyoku to each zone next turn? Not sure, that's a difficult choice. By which I mean to say, why would you ever use the effect? The back signature moves of the Melee shaman are far better than a random 7/7 that costs three geen to play. not a good tradeoff.

DANGER! Kids, don't try these combos at home:

Assailing Aegis + Matchbook
Assailing Aegis + Lighter
Assailing Aegis + Paper Shredder

Ummm.... yeah. Get the feeling that I don't really like this card very much? If so, I believe you are quite correct. Any of the above combinations, especially when the card is run in multiples, will yeild optimal results with this card.


Ths is a crappy card. Save one for your collection, then burn the rest. It has crappy stats, only a decent cost, and an effect that is tantamount to committing suicide. If you run it in any sort of deck, I will laugh at you. And I can only hope you will be quite ashamed of your own incompetence.


Constructed: 1/5
Sealed: 1/5


This week's cards are picked out BlankZero who has chosen another Yoh deck themed week for us to look at. Yoh has alot of cards in this set so it's great for beginners. Today's card is "Assailing Aegis," an uncommon strike card.

First off, this card has a melee trait limitation. Remember to be careful about that when deck building. Next Yoh has a card cost of 3 green furyoku. The general conversion is 2 green is equal to 1 yellow furyoku. So this balances out to a fairly even card cost. The intercept and force of "Assailing Aegis" are both at 4. It's enough to stop the opening attack, but not very playable in any format compared to a golden 5.

Next the effect is what could make this card very powerful. The effect states: "Flip your Shaman from the back to the front --> +3 intercept and +3 force." If you use this effect then you have a very cheap 7:7 strike in your hands. To get this effect your shaman MUST be on the back side, that's the side without the traits on it. Getting your shaman to the backside could cost you at least 3 advantages, if you charge for each one and you used the signature move. Now you are working towards using the back signature move. The question at hand is if you should use up all the progress you have made so far to get to the back signature move on this one card. Often people will opt to continue to strive for the signature move, which could be more powerful. I am fairly sure that the zones you have charged will remain charged and benefit the front side signature move if you do choose to use the effect.

This card takes alot of set up to get the effect, more than I think it's worth. It may look good, but it will be very rare for you to reach the 7:7 stats on "Assailing Aegis." Playable, but takes too much set up for my standards.

Casual: 2.5/5
Tournament: 2.5/5
Sealed: 2.5/5


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