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Pojo's Shaman King TCG Card of the Day


Type - Strike
Card Number - REI_106

Card Ratings
Tournament- 1
Casual- 1
Sealed- 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.22.05



We end this Errata week with "Groundswell." There are a few more erratas, that I haven't covered, so make sure to check out Errata list hosted here at Pojo. Also, remember tomorrow there is another new episode of Shaman King on 4Kids at 11:00am EST. Be sure to check it out. Anyways, "Groundswell" is suppose to read this:

Trait: Ranged
Green: 1
Yellow: 1
Intercept: 4
Force: 1
This strike has +5 Force until your opponent plays a non-strike.

The card cost is only a green and a yellow, fairly cheap, but then again so is the cards force. An intercept of 4 isn't great. But that force of 1 is just horrible. Yeah, it has an effect, but 1 force is really, really bad. The card trait is ranged, which doesn't have alot of support.

This Errata is to clarify that it is on the opponent’s next turn that is checked to determine the Force bonus. So until your opponent plays a teamwork or an advantage, this card has 6 force. But as soon as he/she plays an advantage/teamwork, no matter the effect, you lose this bonus and your opponent will counterattack. A 1 force is just giving the card away. I just don't see it playable in any format with the below par stats. Yup, UDE even errata bad cards,

Casual: 1/5
Tournament: 1/5
Sealed: 1/5


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