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Pojo's Shaman King TCG Card of the Day

Mikihasa; Masked Mentor

Type - Teamwork
Card Number - REI-093

Card Ratings
Tournament- 3
Casual- 4
Sealed- 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.19.05



It seems like just last week there was another Card of the Day review and a new Shaman King episode airing on 4KidsTV the following day. For this count down to the final episode, tomorrow's will be number 3. The episode title for the dub is "Rage and Furyoku." That's as much as a spoiler as I can give. These episodes are good, so go watch if you can.

I decided to finish up Mikihisa with the man himself, "Mikihasa; Masked Mentor." He really looks like Yoh and Hao's (Zeke, for the people who haven't read the manga) father in terms of his hair. Anyways, this teamwork doesn't have a trait restriction, so let him run wild. He has a card cost of 1 yellow furyoku. Very balanced cost. Not to heavy but not too light. I actually prefer that it's a cost of a yellow over the cost of the green, since is effect is triggered for green furyoku.

Mikihisa's effect is as followed; "Your strikes in Mikihasa's zone have 'Tactical: Green.'" What's really nice about this effect is that you always get the effect with no furyoku cost and you have the option if you wanted to use it. In simple terms, this card is built to save your bad strikes from forcing you to lose a zone. There isn't a zone where Mikihasa is bad in, nor is it bad if you run multiples. But there is the factor of that it doesn't hurt your opponent in anyway. You got to keep your eye on the prize of removing points from your opponent. This card is great in casual play to help some inexperienced players get a grip on the game. Also, it's not horrible in sealed play, since the effect isn't negative. Tournaments are the location I think card will see the least use, not because it's a bad card, but since decks in this format are more themed (furyoku control, beatdown, .etc).

Casual: 4/5
Tournament: 3/5
Sealed: 3.5/5


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