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Pojo's Shaman King TCG Card of the Day

Furious Response

Type - Strike
Card Number - REI-059

Card Ratings
Tournament- 2
Casual- 2
Sealed- 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.01.05



My upcoming article is a little delayed. I have been tending to some other stuff, hopefully by the end of the week. Anyways I still had enough time to catch that Shaman King episode last weekend. Kinda a cliff hanger they leave you at, huh? Did Ren (Len in the 4KidsTV version) go to "The land of the no longer living?" The reviews this week are based on our dieing Chinese friend, Ren. So since we hardly did (if any) card reviews for Ren, let's start with "Furious Response."

"Furious Response" is a rare strike card. More commonly placed in Ren/Len themed decks, it contains a melee strike trait. The card cost is 1 green and 1 red furyoku. A bit expensive, but you got to use your red furyoku somewhere! Running more than 2 of this card will kill your furyoku resources, so build your deck smart.

Looking at the rest of "Furious Response," we see a huge intercept. An 8 intercept can counterattack against almost anything your opponent sends your way. If you flip this, and you got the furyoku resources, you will use it. Where this card towers in intercept, it is very weak in force. A 3 force is just bad in any game, unless your opponent sends it to you.

Today's card effect reads; "If your opponent's attack is 3 Force or less, +4 Force." On the small chance you are playing somebody with a completely horrible deck with strikes with 3 force and no reinforcement you won't be using "Furious Response's" effect very often. There's a chance you could use "Furious Response" to counter your opponent's "Furious Response," but that's pretty unlikely. So the effect is basically there for looks. It would be nice to get +4 force, but it just won't happen. So with that being said, why give your opponent a free counterattack by giving them a 3 force strike. The 8 intercept is nice and all, but you are going to be losing a red furyoku, and not take too much ground.

Casual: 2/5
Tournament: 2/5
Sealed: 2/5


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