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Pojo's Shaman King TCG Card of the Day

Pleasant Distraction

Type - Mind
Card Number - REI-112

Card Ratings
Tournament- 3.4
Casual- 3.7
Sealed- 3.55

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.18.05


Dan The

Pleasant Distraction
Type: Mind
Cost: 1/1/0
Effect: Immediate. Eliminate one of your opponent's green or yellow furyoku.

Welcome again for another fun filled week of shaman king card reviews. This weeks theme as picked by Andyislands is a fare well tribute to Lily5 who are eliminated in this weeks scheduled show. I'm sure everyone else will mention this as well but... uh... oh well, lol. Anyway we start the week with a card featuring Milly and ... er.... uh.... the blonde chick (heh, sorry not very familar with lily5). I'm guessing these two are the teams decoys, they distract the opposition into letting their guard down, Milly being a cute little girl and the blonde chick just being a cute busty blond chick. Thus the card name, Pleasant Distraction. I see pleasant distraction pop up from time to time in furyoku control decks but not rarely anywhere else. Should PD be used in all mind decks, should it be used in any decks? Lets take a closer look.

- Charge a Zone
- Destroy opponents furyoku with a little bit of versatility if they are out of yellow.

- Kind of expensive
- Can't destroy the most powerful furyoku type, red
- Only mind shaman can use it

Overview: This card is relatively simple, your paying a green to charge a zone, and a yellow to destroy an opponents yellow. If your opponent has no yellow your paying a green to destroy a green and a yellow to charge a zone. I've seen people use Cleanse before when no teamworks were out just to charge a zone but in general you don't want to pay that much, a green for a zone charge however is relatively fare and destroying opponents yellow can be very powerful. If they have alot of yellow costs it will really hurt them, if they don't have alot of yellow costs you might still force them to over pay with what few costs they have with red which still isn't bad. If you just get rid of a green obviously its less impresive but idealy your not.

Deeper Analysis: Ok so the card is alright, it has its own merits and its own downsides but the question is, should you actually run it? In a furyoku advantage deck, one that emphasises gaining a large furyoku advantage over you and then pressing said advantage I say yes. In a furyoku control deck, one that limits your opponents furyoku allowing small but cheap strikes to score from your opponents inability to pay for his strikes with even a minor emphasis on charging, I say yes. In any other type of deck... eh, you could probably live with out it. Mind has plenty of other powerful options for the advantage slot which will get you that zone charge but also gain you a more significant advantage. A 1 for 1 trade on furyoku is only worth while if losing that furyoku hurts your opponent more then it hurts you, and 1 green for a zone charge isn't bad, but there are other mind advantages (such as decipher the runes or reposition) that will get you that same zone charge and get you a useful effect for that same 1 green cost.

Combos/Uses: The joco teamwork will make this a much cheaper 2 green to destroy an opponents yellow and charge a zone. Soul's Relax will give you a similar effect. A Kana in yellow can also help starve your opponent of yellow. Keep in mind that most well made decks have a nice balance to their strikes costs and win by rarely over paying, the more you can distrupt that balance the greater advantage you will gain.

Constructed: 3.5/5
Sealed: 2.5/5 (harder to make a furyoku control or advantage deck in this format)

Darth Vailo


Hey guys and gals and welcome to our first review of the week! I hope everyone had a good weekend and stayed out of the heat. I know I didn t. (coughgardeningchorescough) Look for my next article Wednesday by the way. WORD is back and working good!

Anyways this week we review some decent cards picked by andy. This first one is a furyoku manipulator. Read on

Card Advantages

Pleasant Distraction is another card like Ponchi/Konchi and Tandem Tomfoolery causing me to speculate that our friend andyislands is a bit smitten with furyoku manipulation. I am not sure yet but I will do some in depth investigations into this and get back to you Wednesday on this theory.

Okay, jokes aside we do have another furyoku destroyer to review. As is the case with most all furyoku destruction cards you are getting a decent cost with a decent effect. (In my opinion there isn t that many great furyoku manipulation cards in Reincarnation.) For one yellow and green furyoku you can destroy one of the opponent s green or yellow furyoku. Pretty self explanatory really. This is an immediate effect also meaning it dies and does not hit the advantage zone. Not really an important effect but it is there. As for the important stuff you are really making your opponent pay half the cost that you did to cast this in the first place. And unless you are crazy or not thinking straight then you are always going to choose yellow. The green furyoku zone is not at all worth while here. I have explained it before but you are going to regenerate a green every turn. (Barring card effects.) So that nullifies this effect if you choose green. (And if you do you deserve to lose.) Then again it may depend on the situation in some cases. You could be up against a blitz green costing deck. Problem is those don t exist you get the point so I ll move on The great thing is that the yellow destruction effect can put the hurting on the opponent. This can be a tricky zone to refuel and this card gets very annoying since it isn t watered down like Konchi/Ponchi due to being a strike.

Which brings me to another point. Seeing as how Pleasant Distraction is an advantage you get a re-flip. This can be pretty nasty if you are running a pure blitz furyoku kill deck and flip up another furyoku killer. This is the main reason this card is so annoying. The effects stack up pretty fast. If you were to center your deck around furyoku advantage this card could be evil. Possibly even broken. I have seen people rob the opponent of 3 furyoku in one turn due to this cards re-flipping action. It is no fun believe me.


Good effect.

Cheap cost.

Allows for a re-flip.

Card Disadvantages

This card has some pretty big disadvantages. The main one being that it does not have a game breaking effect like some furyoku control cards. This makes it a tad weak. The re-flip makes up for this, but I have seen people totally ignore this card because it skips over the red zone. This is a tad disappointing but I suppose it would be broken then. The potency of the effect really depends on the moment. That is another reason why it has been passed over. It isn t useful all the time. There are times that you will flip it and use it for the sake of the re-flip because it isn t game breaking all the time. If they have like 2/3 furyoku in their green or yellow zone then it is potentially a game breaking card. But if not then it just isn t terrible potent.

Perhaps the nastiest part of this card is its trait. Being a Mind advantage means that it cannot be used with a lot of really good furyoku killers. Being Mind gives it some usefulness with some cards, but I would love to see it in tandem with Ponchi Punch. Ouch. But I suppose then furyoku destruction would be a cookie cutter deck. That isn t any good so UDE put its talents elsewhere. This also means that it is franchise BTW.

Rounding out this section is the fact that it is a uncommon. Not a good thing since it is tough to pull. Sometimes I wish this set were 60 cards and not 141. (*sigh*)



Not terribly game breaking.



I d say that this is an average card. It has some good aspects, but it is not overly abusive. There are moments where it can be devastating, but do not expect any miracles from this card. Run 4 if you really want to abuse it. Any less is missing the real goal of Pleasant Distraction, and that is to deal mass damage very fast.






Feedback Information

If you have any comments, question, or suggestions here are some ways of contacting me,
PM me on the forums at my user name-Darth Vailo
E-mail me at-darthvailo@yahoo.com
I ll do my best to get back to you asap. Thanks to you guys again for the kind words.

^_^v Peace, Love, and may you never find yourself on Tilt!


Today starts off Lily5 week. Lily5 is the team name for what the dub calls, Sharona and the Ly's. There is a handful of cards that feature these five girls. Sadly we won't be reviewing all of them this week, but today we start off with Milly and Ellie in "Pleasant Distraction."

The current shaman that can use this card are Lola, Lyserg, and Len.

Next it's cost is 1 green and 1 yellow for this advantage card. It's a fair price for an advantage card. You don't want to be paying too much furyoku for any one card.

Their effect is an Immediate, so it never reaches the advantage area. "Pleasant Distraction's" effect states that you can remove one green OR one yellow furyoku from your opponent. The removed furyoku is sent to his/her discard pile. The choice of which one to remove is depending on the current field and what deck you are running. You could remove a yellow, and possibly force your opponent to overpay with red for a future yellow cost. Or remove a green in hopes of your opponent to overpay with yellow. This effect fits nicely in a green or yellow fuyoku control deck. The hope of the control deck is to force your opponent to overpay or limit a certain furyoku type from being used.

The problem that surfaces when using this card is that the cost you must pay is greater than towards your opponent. You will be losing furyoku faster than of what you would be taking from your opponent. This lowers it's Tournament possibilities. As the card is uncommon you may find it a cheap and fairly easy card to come across for a Casual or Sealed deck. In furyoku control decks you tend to have multiples of good cards, but this concept can't be applied with "Pleasant Distraction." The furyoku lost you would suffer just be too great compared to your opponent. It wouldn't be too hurtful if you only ran 1 or 2 of this card in your deck. Watch out for the cost of playing this card to pile up on you. I am giving this card a middle of the road rating for tournaments since you may need your yellow more for strikes than for advantages. Your furyoku piles shouldn't take too much of a beating if you play multiples of "Pleasant Distraction" in Casual or Sealed. These reviews are based on if you are playing a control deck.

Casual: 4/5
Tournament: 3/5
Sealed: 4/5


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