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Pojo.com's Shaman King Bios

Hao/Zeke Asakura

He's actually not simply Yoh's twin; he was born 1000 years ago and back then he was already a mighty shaman and able to control the five elements (Fire, Water, Metal, Earth, Wood). With his powers he wanted to help people, but they in return feared him and called him a monster. That made Hao hate them and when he heard about the shaman fight he took part with the plan to rid the planet earth of all human beings, who were - in his eyes - nothing but parasites.

Obviously he didn't succeed thanks to the Asakura family who killed him when learning of his plans. But this wasn't the end of Hao who managed to be reborn after death with all his powers. This happened 500 years later but this time he was born as a member of the Patsheen, still holding onto his plan of winning the shaman fight which is why he stole the Spirit of Fire from the Patsheen. Again it was a member of the Asakura family who stopped him by klling him once more.

Another 500 years later Hao was finally reborn as Yoh's twin brother and of course the Asakuras attempted to kill him right away but the Spirit of Fire took him away. Even in this life it's still his goal to become Shaman King to fullfill his old goals, but on contrary to his dark ambitions he seems relaxed and almost friendly most of the time. He looks exactly like Yoh except for his longer hair. - Jeazard


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