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Pojo.com's Shaman King Bios

Faust VIII

Faust is a German Shaman who Yoh first encounters in the Foriegners Cemetery.
This Necromancer whas at one point a very good man. He had come up with a cure to save Eliza, but sadly after they opened a health clinic a while later he came home to find her dead witha bullet through her skull. He spent 8 years of no sleep endlessly trying to keep her alive. He ressorted to Necromancy. The art of Moving the Dead. He became a shaman to gain knowlegde to try once more to fully revive his beloved. He is one of few shamans who have defeated Yoh. Later on Faust Joins Yoh with a promise from Anna to help him see Eliza's spirit again. Faust is a decent mannered man until his temper rises. This usually only happens when Eliza is harmed or insulted, or if his friends are attacked. So whatever you do Don't do those 3 things when you run into him.

- Julieanne Fowler

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