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From: Andysislands [mailto:andysislands@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2005 7:59 PM
To: shamanstaff@pojo.com
Subject: SK Top 10 new shamans list [andysislands]

Top 10 very possible Shamans for the next booster pack.

"Spirit Warrior," the 1st expansion pack for the Shaman King TCG, is coming out in July. There has been alot of thoughts about which should be the shamans in the set. Below is my list of the top 10, possible shamans I think will be introduced. For this next expansion is about expanding the card pool, not introducing new teams.


Ryu(Rio) [Yoh/Body/Melee]
He wasn't released in the first set of Shaman king cards in Japan either. So I think now would be an perfect time to release him. There were only 2 cards that feature him. Plenty of room for new cards to be added.

Chocolove (Joco) [Yoh/Soul/Melee]
Like Ryu/Rio he only had 2 cards which featured this jester. He wasn't released in the Japanese OCG until much later, and wasn't very good. He didn't build too much of a card pool, so most card art would be made by UDE.

Tamao (Tammy) [Yoh/Mind/Guardian]
Upperdeck wants to try to get some girls into Shaman king with introduction of girl shamans in each set. Tamao/Tammy will most likely chosen. There are a few cards that already feature Ponchi and Conchi. Both are her Guardians. I think her card effects are going to be interesting. There might be some type of predicting effect of sorts.

Yoh [Yoh/Mind/Melee]
I believe Yoh will make a return in this set. Further build up of card support, but with a different twist. If you played Konami's GameBoy Advanced Shaman King games (Master of Spirits or one of the Legacy of Spirits games) you can find a spirit called Matamune. This is also Yoh's spirit, but has passed on. He is a very interesting cat, and fits perfecting into this game. It will give Yoh another spirit besides Amidamaru for Yoh with Signature Moves. I don't expect too much support, in this set, but might be built upon later.

Kanna/Mari [Zeke/???/???]
With the release of Matti, I figure one of these 2 girls should also follow. It's really flip a coin on which one it would be. Their spirits could be ranged or melee. It's really up to Upperdeck to decide.

Zang-Ching (I am not sure of English 4Kids name) [Zeke/Mind/Ranged]
He is the Chinese guy on Zeke/Hao's team. He had a bunch of support in the Japanese OCG. His spirit is a panda, so I think it could fall under the "girl factor." He has very strong range, and hasn't been featured at all in Reincarnation starter set.

Blocken [Zeke/Soul/Guardian]
I'm not going to lie. I don't know too much about him. I believe his oversoul (spirit control) is mice with lego blocks. For legal reasons, they aren't lego blocks, but I don't know how else to describe them. Each one is labeled with "HAO" on each 'peg.' Those details might be erased, but fun little trivia. Anyways, they can combine to for a huge dinosaur. Since Zeke's team could use another Guardian, that's why I think it won't be Melee or Ranged. It very well could be, but I don't think it will.

Marco [X-Laws/Body/Ranged]
The creator of the X-Laws. Him being a shaman in this set is almost 100%. If he isn't I would very surprised. His cards will be very similar to Lyserg's cards as I believe he will be ranged. His personality is very shifty, but the X-Laws need a Body.

Meanne [X-Laws/Soul/Guardian]
She is the replacement for Jeanne for the "girl's" slot. I don't have much to say about her, but most likely won't have powerful strikes. She might rely more on advantages.

??? [X-Laws/???/Melee]
Overall the other X-Laws don't really good on cards. Venstar already as two teamworks so I don't think he will also be a shaman. I believe this will be a slot for a new character again. I am thinking something similar to Duncan. Very little support, for what ever it might be. Probably another Melee card.


After reading down this you are probably thinking two things.
1. Where is Faust?
2. Where is Anna?

Well, I think Faust won't be in this set. He had tons of support created in the 1st set. If they put him in now, then he would have way too many cards that fit him perfectly. I believe that he is best used as a Promo card for Shonen Jump or a Tournament system.

Anna doesn't really have any spirits. Yeah, she does have those two guardians, but she is limited on support. I am not saying that she won't never make it in. I think we need to wait until the booster after "Spirit Warrior" for Anna.

That's my list. Love it or hate, it's what I think will happen. I tried to keep this list as close as possible to what could happen. By no means that these Shamans will be in "Spirit Warrior," but I do expect an handful to be chosen. I might get lucky and call it all right. Wouldn't that be something? "Spirit Warrior" comes out in July, buy it and find out!

You can contact me via PM on the Pojo Message Board or e-mail me at andysislands@yahoo.com with your thoughts about this list or about Shaman King in general.


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