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BlankZero presents:

The Top Ten Card List

Well, let's see... the Shaman King site for Pojo.com has gone far too long without one of these things. It's sort of depressing, really. Well, I'm here to put an end to this. Now presenting: BlankZero's Top Ten List for cards from the Reincarnation set. Now, this list is composed of the cards that I have found most useful in my experiences with Shaman King. The cards posted here may or may not be truly great, but they are cards that have served me well, in my playing. So without further ado, I'll start off with the countdown.

10. Joco, Jocular Comedian... this effect is brilliant for any yellow-heavy deck. Especially so for Len and Yoh, both of whom have access to a lot of yellow costs, for cards such as Broom Corn Beatdown and Crackback. Aside from this already above-par effect, he couples really well with Jun, who makes her appearance later in this list. Jun in green, Joco in yellow or red, and you can underpay to your heart's content.

9. Center/ Invulnerability of the Leaf... these cards have very solid abilities. They move you up a zone, giving you yet another chance to defend, or in Invulnerability's case, two more chances, max. They're both fairly cheap, as well, costing two furyoku converted. The extra yellow in Invulnerability's cost reflects a greater potential. I put them in the same slot because they have nearly identical abilities for nearly identical costs.

8. Devoted Sentry/ Spreading Darkness... these cards are also a pair. I haven't built a Body deck yet without maxing both cards out. The abilities are just absolutely solid, and they're dirt cheap to play. You just can't go wrong with playing either card. Ward Off and Spirit Aim can't hold a candle to these, but they're only traited to Body shaman.

7. Fetish Frenzy... this is the one card that I really consider a staple in this set. I run it in all of my decks. It's an extremely cheap strike that can block most of the strikes that're going to come at you. It's a great economy card; being able to block the standard force for a single yellow is pretty nice. Sure the force is punishable, but any punisher is going to wind up costing the opponent more to play than this does. Not an amazing card, but probably the only one that you can run in any deck without disrupting the design.

6. Desolate Screams... this card is just awesome. If you're playing a shaman with the Soul trait, there's no reason you shouldn't run 4 in your deck. It's fairly cheap at one yellow, and the effect has the potential to piss off any opponent you're up against. You can eliminate an opponent's teamwork of your own choosing. This is by far superior to the traitless Cleanse, which costs more and lets the opponent choose which teamwork to destroy. Not to mention, two of the four shaman who can use it have access to Joco to lower the cost to an amazing one green. Simply astounding.

5. Duncan, Crusader... this card has got to be the single most irritating teamwork in the game. His ability can be thoroughly annoying when you couple him with an already huge strike. Take Jeanne's Viaticum, for example. 8 force from a Duncan zone is all but unstoppable. Any attempt your opponent makes to raise their own intercept, via Devoted Sentry, Dragon Aura, Ward Off, Fateful Choice, etc. will be countered by an opposing increase in the force of your strike. And, of course, it will discourage them from playing other sorts of advantages and teamworks. Overall, this card is capable of forcing a lot of attacks through. it also works really well with Comeuppance or Pounce, giving a cumulative effect of +2 force for every non-strike your opponent plays.

4. Surgeon's Implements... seems like a lot of these are geared towards Guardian decks. Maybe that's because Guardian has some of the best cards in this set. Either way, an 8/4 for the low cost of two yellow is outstanding. This is enhanced by the fact that the ability of the card is very nice, as well. It's almost as economical to play as Fetish Frenzy, but the effect makes it even better, because it all but ensures that you're going to get your furyoku back from the strike. Half the time, the opponent will drop a zone just to keep you from getting the extra red. The other half, you get a red. What's not to love?

3. Spirit of Fire, Immortal Legacy... this card is just the guardian deck's god. He's the main reason why Zeke decks have the potential to run so well. Take Tao En, and make him completely playable in a high-intercept deck. That's Spirit of Fire. Turning a Smoldering Confidence from an awesome 10/5 to a godly 9/7 is just too awesome... and a Surgeon's Implements that runs at 7/6 is awesome for two yellow. He can completely make or break the offensive capabilities of a Guardian Deck, and that's why he's found the number three spot on this list.

2. Jun, Big Sister... this was my first rare card from a booster, and I'm very fond of her. She would have been number one in this list, but the actual number one proved its valor in combat very effectively the other day. Well, Jun just has a great effect, especially for decks that use a lot of furyoku. The Yoh teamworks all seem to center around furyoku advantage, and Jun is no exception. She can make it easier to run furyoku management, and having her in your zone essentially doubles the potency of focusing. That's something you just can't go wrong with.

And, the number one card in this top ten list, which somehow managed to rudely shove aside BlankZero's personal favorite card, is:

1. Hijinks... I actually got this card just a few days ago, and I decided to build a Lola deck to try it out. Turns out, the first time I played it, I managed to score. My opponent was completely burned out of furyoku. This card can be a true killer, and it's extremely cheap. It works really well with Lola's tendency to run furyoku control, meaning that it flows very well in her decks. A brilliant card, it all but disables your opponent's ability to do anything... except sit there and cry.

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