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Japanese "Gym Leaders" Theme Deck Listings
Revised 04/01/01 HHH

Full Card List Notes

There are no "1st Edition" Japanese cards. All cards are considered to be "unlimited" print run, and to our knowledge still in production.

We are NOT selling cards. These are compiled for clarification of relative values and what you might expect to pay at a game store or collectible dealer for these cards.

Some of the cards in these sets are available in many different expansion sets not associated with these decks. However, all of these Theme Deck cards do not have rarity symbols on them. Theme Deck cards (without rarity symbols) are fixed sets and therefore typically lower in value than the cards listed here from the Expansion booster packs.

The Kuchiba City Gym Deck
Gym Leader Mathisu (Lt. Surge)

Price Qty Color Level Poke # Card Name
$4.00 1 T     Lt. Surge (foil)
$8.00 1 Lv30 #082 Lt. Surge's Magneton (foil)
$1.00 2 Lv15 #025 Lt. Surge's Pikachu
$1.00 2 Lv10 #025 Lt. Surge's Pikachu
$2.50 2 Lv32 #026 Lt. Surge's Raichu
$0.50 2 Lv12 #100 Lt. Surge's Voltorb
$0.50 2 Lv15 #100 Lt. Surge's Voltorb
$1.00 2 Lv33 #101 Lt. Surge's Electrode
$3.00 2 Lv22 #125 Lt. Surge's Electabuzz
$1.00 1 Lv10 #081 Lt. Surge's Magnemite
$1.00 2 Lv12 #081 Lt. Surge's Magnemite
$0.50 2 Lv10 #019 Lt. Surge's Rattata
$1.00 1 Lv32 #020 Lt. Surge's Raticate
$0.50 2 Lv08 #021 Lt. Surge's Spearow
$0.50 2 T     Spy Tactics
$0.50 1 T     Lt. Surge's Negotiations
$0.50 2 T     Energy Circulation
$0.50 1 T     Switch
$0.50 2 T     Poke Ball
$0.50 1 T     Gust of Wind
$0.50 1 T     Potion
$0.50 1 T     Full Heal
$0.50 1 T     Defender
$1.00 1 T     Vermillion City Gym
$1.00 1 E     Double Colorless Energy
$0.50 26 E     Lightning Energy

$28.00  Complete 64-card Deck

Includes:  Rulebook, Guide Book, Holographic "Raichu" Coin

Release Date: Spring 1998

Designed by "Creatures" (Japan)
Distributed by "Media Factory" (Japan)


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