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Loretta's Pokemon Toy Blog
January 16, 2009

Arigato Gozaimasu!--New Pokemon Guide and Valentines!

I really have to thank the collecting community at PKMNCollectors at livejournal for posting this awesome find and tips about where to buy.  A new DK Pokemon Visual Guide has come out, http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/2200916.html#cutid1,

and thanks to their tips, I was able to find my copy at Best Buy for $19.99 (it lists for $24.99 on the cover).  ARIGATO!  I found out several things on my hunt for this book yesterday:  1)  Borders does not yet have it listed in their stock.  I called a local store directly yesterday to get that information, as their online searcher was down.  2)  Barnes and Noble DOES have it in their stock; however, my local store did not have it in-store, but is able to place orders as the item IS at their warehouse.  3)  Best Buy has it available online and in selected stores.  It is $19.99 there as opposed to $24.99 via Barnes and Noble (B&N members obviously get discounts on purchases; however, their little member card isn't free like the ones I have from Borders and Best Buy.).  SHOPPING TIP FOR BEST BUY CUSTOMERS:  Check your mail from this week--Best Buy Rewards members should've received a packet of coupons, one of which will give you 10% off books, DVD's, CD's, etc. (limit 3 per coupon/visit) starting today, 1/16 and ending 1/22 (7 days of savings, they tout!).  I got lucky, I had just received a $5 reward, so my copy was only $14.99.  :D  The book is AWESOME and should be on every fan's coffee table.  But now I am left wondering, what is that DK Pokemon Encyclopedia I was hearing about?  Oh, Amazon, has the Visual Guide for $18.99.  Here are some helpful URLs for ordering:





Yeah, here's the book I was talking about:




Last time I'd looked, I'd seen a July 2009 date, which had been pushed back from several other dates I'd seen previously.  I'll be keeping my eye on that listing...  Hmm.


Hey!  Wishing is believing!--I found Pokemon boxed Valentines at Meijer for $1.25 over the last weekend!  American Greetings stepped up, so now you can have the perfect Valentine for that Little Red Haired Girl in your life.  LOL.  ;)  Here's a random scan from e-Bay, as I have been too busy braving the -9F cold to worry about taking pix:




Finally, I saw a new Jakks playset at Target last weekend.  It is a Fossil Regeneration playset including a Cranidos figure.  It retails for $39.99.  Although Target seems to have finished fussing over the aisle resets, my local ones have not restocked the Pokemon toys heavily yet.  Hey, isn't Toy Fair coming soon?  We'll have to keep an eye open for pictures...  but I am still wondering what happened to the Paul action figure we saw from last year.  I had hoped Target would have some more trainer sets, new ones of course.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


I'll close with some non-Pokemon items of historical note--since many of you are off school today due to frigid winter conditions.  For you gals, that little fashion icon Barbie turns 50 this year.  Mattel is celebrating by issuing s'more cool repros of dolls from days gone by.  I played with a 1970 Living Barbie in my day.  :O  Motown is celebrating 50 this year, too; where would hip hop be without Motown?!  :)  Also, the day after Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, we have an historic Presidential inauguration.  All you kids out there, check it out.  The future is yours!  :D  And now back to Pokemon, the Visual Guide closes with a list of "Life Lessons" that Pokemon teaches.  My list, off the top of my head, didn't match exactly, but my #1 was also Friendship (followed by Loyalty and Teamwork--you'll just have to get the Guide yourself to see what their list says--and hopefully learn a little something while having some fun!).  I sure hope Pokemon can celebrate 50 someday...


Pikachu & Buneary 4-ever!*  Brrrrrr...




*Yes, the Guide does mention that crush... ;)


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