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Loretta's Pokemon Toy Blog
July 7
, 2008

Se llamo “Ash” en Español también!

Se llamo “Ash” en Español también!


Kudos to Azteca America television network for broadcasting "Pokémon Movie 2000" in Spanish during the Domingo Espectacular at 3PM yesterday!

(http://www.kmsgtv.com/tv08julwk1.htm)  My local newspaper guide does not have listings for smaller local stations or digital channels :( so, I was not aware of this until I stumbled across it by chance while cleaning my real life Pikachu's bunny cage (omahanime also has a Buneary or two... :).  You can check the program schedule for Azteca America at http://www.kmsgtv.com/programming.html.  Check your local listings for station availability--in Central Ohio, it's channel 48 over the air.


Don't forget to grab a lunch at Burger King today.  LOL!  ;)


And now...  the news...  Remember the link I sent to a random e-Bay seller's store with beanie pix?


Well, fear not the prices, TRU is starting to get the cases of mini-plush in.  I managed to spot a box apiece at 2 local TRU's over the weekend; unfortunately, the 2nd store I hit was pretty much cleaned out.  I can verify the contents of the cases:  Chingling, Combee, Cranidos, Glameow, [Grotle--in parentheses because it's pictured on the box, but, I did not personally see it, sold out both stores], Kricketot, Meditite, Monferno, Prinplup, Psyduck (the Sudowoodo/Bonsly of this batch--no one bought it at either store, it was sadly left behind after the rest of the box was cleaned out at the one store...), Shieldon, Shinx (easily the cutest of the bunch, IMHO).  There is one apiece per box, $5.99 ea. @TRU.  No other stores in my area had the new mini-plush yet and neither Target nor Wal-mart in my area had done any major resetting of shelves just yet.  Target's clearance pricing on select Jakks toys continues...  KB Toys, TRU and Wal-mart have, however, started stocking Pokemon Battle Dimension figures spottily; toywiz.com has some scans

up:  http://www.toywiz.com/pobpaplactoe.html.

You can see the Darkrai logo on the packaging, as I had mentioned.  I found some e-Bay scans of the newer throw balls,



KB Toys was carrying these already.


I know you were probably wanting to thwap me last month when I mentioned back-to-school about 2-3 days after school had just let out.  But, I would be remiss in my duties to budget-conscious parents not to mention the big TRU sale on backpacks thru July 26:  Buy a backpack $12.99 and up and receive a FREE lunch kit up to $7.99 in value.  My local TRU's had 2 different Pokemon backpacks for sale:  Dialga/Palkia or the D&P starters logos (you probably remember these from last year, they were quite similar and unfortunately not readily found in my area/Central Ohio).  The lunch kits were like the Pokeball shape I mentioned last year; this year the Pokeball also had one of 3 designs stamped over it:  Dialga/Palkia, Darkrai or D&P starters (here's an e-Bay



You can see the lunch kits and backpacks if you scroll around.).  I spotted the backpacks on the 4th--and they were cleaned out by Sunday-!  I imagine a restock is coming, as they get shipments of goods several times/week (so I'm praying for more beanies, I want Grotle!).


I imagine I've probably missed *something* here (and lemme tell ya the e-Bay scans are better than any pic I could snap with *my* ratty digicam!  ;P), but, I'm still smirking over the "deal" I got on my Pokeball deck vault from Collector's Cache ($7) since Beckett's 'zine is asking $9.99 + shipping on that.  And hey, if anyone out there has news, please send your tips to Pojo!  With gas prices the way they are going, I could use all the help I can get with this tooling around town for news!  :)  Adios!  Pika!




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