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Pojo's Pokemon News Archives
July 2005

Friday, 07.29.05  Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Milotic from EX Emerald. X-Act, Travis, Scyther 21 and Prime all have reviews.

Groudon answers several GBA questions today on beating Lance, Islands in Emerald, and Latias or Latios in Sapphire. 

Wednesday, 07.27.05  Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Camerupt ex from EX Hidden Legends. X-Act, Travis and Prime all have reviews.

Tuesday, 07.26.05  Cardzmaster stops by with a little something different in his Deck Garage today.  You up for a little challenge? 

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Island Cave from EX Hidden Legends. X-Act, Travis and Prime all have reviews.

Here's a fun story from the New Hampshire Telegraph about a Pokemon TCG Player. 

News from Zach S. "Hi guys! Pokemon Rocks America 2005 is about to kick off! On Friday July 29th, you will play a game on the pokemon official website. On Tuesday August 2nd, another mini-game will be up to unlock the states they are appearing in. Finally, on Friday August 5th, they will announce where they are appearing in the states and the full schedule!"

Friday, 07.22.05  Pokepop stops by today for the first time in a while with an all-new Rulings article for you.  There are some game-play changes occurring.  Check out Pokepop's House of Cards for "Pokémon TCG is Coming on Strong and Making Changes".

Johnny Blaze is back with a brand new Friday article in "Blaze's Banter".  Today Johnny has a look at the Turn 2 Disruption Deck

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Primeape from Fire Red Leaf Green. X-Act returns for some reviewing, and we welcome a new reviewer, Prime. Just in time to review Primape no less.

Loretta, one of the biggest Pokemon Toy Experts we know, sent us some new Toy News about new releases.  Check out our Pokemon News Section today! Thanks Loretta.

Playing Pokemon on an IPod?  Depends on how desperate you are ... but I guess it is possible.  Story.

Thursday, 07.21.05  Groudon is back in his den again today answering another one of your Pokemon Game Boy Advanced questions. 

It's the last day of Grass Week for Cardzmaster. He pulls the weeds out of a Rosalia Boost deck.

Wednesday, 07.20.05  Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Slaking from Ruby Sapphire. Bullados has another review.

Clown Master is in his Pokemon Game Boy Team Garage looking over a new Game Boy Team today!

Tuesday, 07.19.05   Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Dark Steelix from EX Team Rocket Returns. Bullados has a review today.

Groudon does a little Q and A today answering a few nagging GBA questions and he also provides a handy little dictionary of abbreviations used when he discusses the games.

Anna Schipper sends her Tourney Report from the very successful Dutch Nationals held on Sunday, July 3rd at the Nationaal Denksportcentrum in Utrecht. She scores some pretty nice schwag with her wins. Congrats to Anna!

Friday, 07.15.05   Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Vileplume ex from EX Hidden Legends. Ash, Hinkbert and Bullados all close out the week with their reviews.

Groudon drops by with a GBA Emerald tip about things you can do after you defeat the elite four. 

Cardzmaster has Day 2 of Grass Week and some more talk on Origins.

There's a ton of Pokemon related news in Pojo's Friday News this week. Some stuff on Game Cube Skins, and DS. Also, if you're going to Comicon in San Diego this weekend you could win a Pikachu VW Beetle!

Thursday, 07.14.05   Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Muk ex from EX Dragon. Otaku, Ash, Hinkbert and Scyther 21 all have reviews.

Wednesday, 07.13.05   It's day 7 of Kyle Theaker's marathon deck-fix-orama. This time, it's a Spinning Tail deck.

Cardzmaster kicks off a Grass Week Deckstravaganza by pulling a Vileplume ex deck into his garage for a fix.

We have some updated news about obtaining the the Mystic Ticket (which gives you the opportunity to catch Ho-Oh and Lugia) at the San Diego Comicon this weekend.  It's in our News Section today. 

News from around the globe:

XD pack revealed - The forthcoming Pokemon DS titles, Diamond & Pearl, will allow 16 players to battle via WiFi link-up and even import their trained Pokemon from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, and Leaf Green. What's more, Pokemon Ranger will be the name of the next collecting game. A spattering of new details on the pair of DS games was revealed in Japanese kids magazine Coro Coro, while it also confirmed the existence of Pokemon Ranger, but not which format it will appear on. - full story

Free GC Skin on Pre-orders - Starting Aug. 28, Pokemon fans who reserve a copy of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for Nintendo GameCube at participating retailers will receive a custom Nintendo GameCube vinyl skin featuring characters from the game. Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness will be available Oct. 3. - full story

Pokemon Plush Toys Recalled - Some Pokemon plush toys that were given away at this year’s E3 conference has been recalled by the CPSC because they may contain pieces of sewing needles. The recall includes 10 “Pokedoll” toys, sold for the characters Pikachu, Minun, Plusle, Skitty, Evee, Munchlax, Mew, Ho-Oh and Lugia.  Full Story

Tuesday, 07.12.05   Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Ex Team Rocket Returns' Swoop Teleporter. Patriarch drops by with a review along with Hinkbert and Otaku.

Caprie Silver sent us some new today about obtaining Mystic Ticket at the San Diego Comicon this weekend.  Full details our in our News Section today. 

Monday, 07.11.05   Groudon is back in his den again today answering more of your Pokemon Game Boy Advanced questions 

Groudon then pops out of his den with a Tourney Report. And, Johnny Blaze drops off his 3rd and final installment of his experiences at the Origins 2005 tourney in Columbus Ohio.

Kyle Theaker pulls a 1 Turn Win Jigglypuff deck into his garage.

And, Cardzmaster skips the garage thing this week to answer a few questions on "Why...?". Check 'em out.

Friday, 7.08.05   Johnny Blaze is back with yet another Tournament Report.  This time, he has a full report from the 2005 National Championships.  Check out the Tourney Reports section or Blaze's Banter for this report.  Johnny snapped 11 more photos of the event.  I'll be adding one more report from JB on Team Sealed sometime this weekend. 

It's day 5 of Kyle Theaker's marathon of non-stop deck fixing. This time, it's Sleepin' with the Fishes!  Check out all 5 of Kyle's Fixes this week while you're in there. 

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Dark Marowak from EX Team Rocket Returns. Scyther 21, Hinkbert and Otaku have reviews.

Wednesday, 7.06.05   Yesterday we posted a Tourney Report from William Hung at the Pokemon National Championships.  Today, we have one from Johnny Blaze.  Johnny spent the weekend at Origins Playing Pokemon. He will have a few reports for you. Today's is from the Pokemon Professor Cup Challenge that took place on July 1st.  Check out the Tourney Reports section or Blaze's Banter for this report.  Oh yeah ... and Johnny snapped 11 photos of the event. 

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Electrode from EX Emerald. Scyther 21, Ash, Hinkbert and Bullados have reviews.

It's day 3 of Kyle Theaker's marathon of non-stop deck fixing. This time, it's Quickplay!

Loretta, one of the biggest Pokemon Toy Experts we know, sent us a note today to let everyone know that Hasbro has updated their Pokemon Toy Site.  Thanks Loretta.

Here's some cool Pokemon Anime/GBA news from Japan.  There are Kiosks in Japan where you can download episodes to your GBA.  Here's some photos and details

Pokemon Emerald was the best selling Video Game in May.  Story from Reuters. And Here's a cute photo of a dog cuddling with Pikachu.

Here's a true story from the UK.  Doesn't this sound like the work of Team Rocket: "Boy attacked and robbed - Police in Dundee are appealing for witnesses after a nine-year-old boy was attacked and robbed by three older boys.   The three boys knocked the nine-year-old to the ground and stamped on his face before robbing him of his beige coloured jacket and Pokemon cards. One of the assailants was wearing was wearing a white polo shirt with the letter R on the chest."    O_o    - full story  

Tuesday, 7.05.05   Well, the Pokemon National Championships took place this past weekend in Ohio.  We have our first Tournament Report from none other than William Hung.  He played Turbo Dark Slowking at the tourney.  How did our American Idol do?  Check out our Tourney Reports section for his full report.

We'd love to post your Tourney Report!  Feel free to send them over, along with any fun photos you took.

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Rhydon from EX Hidden Legends. Otaku, Thundachu, Scyther 21, Hinkbert and Bullados all have reviews.

Kyle Theaker is going banshee in his Deck Garage this week.  Check it out.  Today we have two reviews for you (I was partying yesterday  :-P )

Groudon is back in his den again today answering more of your Pokemon Game Boy Advanced questions.



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