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Pojo's Pokemon News Archives
August 2005

Wednesday, 08.31.05  Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Feebas from Hidden Legends. Bullados, Pidgeot5 and X-Act have reviews.

Tuesday, 08.30.05  Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Pidgeot from Fire Red Leaf Green. Bullados, Jermy101, Ash, Pidgeot5 and X-Act have reviews.

And, we keep adding new Places to Play to our list.

Monday, 08.29.05  We are doing some cool things in the Pokemon Card of the Day section over the next couple of weeks.  We are looking at cards that Jeremy Maron (Jermy101) used in his World Championship 2005 Winning Deck. We are also going to 5 days per week like we do on our MTG & Yugioh sites. Today, we look at Jeremy's Nidoqueen line from Fire Red Leaf Green. William Hung, Bullados, Pidgeot5, Otaku and X-Act have reviews.

Matt M. sent us a Grinder Report from the Pokemon World Championships.  Matt claimed the 2nd of Ten Treecko Promo cards were giving away. 

Pablo Meza, who Top 4'd at the Pokemon World Championships, sent us a Tournament Report.  Pablo is snagging the 3rd of Ten Treecko Promo cards were giving away. 

Sean G (ProfessorCFK) also sent us a Grinder Report from the Pokemon World Championships.  Sean is getting the 4th of ten Treecko Promo Cards were giving away.  (see below)

We updated the Apprentice League Page to list the new IRC location for playing fellow Pojo-goers Pokemon on the 'net.  Thanks to Thundachu for the update. 

Clown Master puts a few tweaks on Novan Kominta's Team.

There's a couple new Places to Play on our list.

Friday, 08.26.05  Justin Howard has sent us another new Featured Article today titled:  Unlimited and You:  Vileplume EX, the Deck You Should Be Playing.

I don't think we received any Tourney Reports from the World Championships.  Hmmm ... maybe I have to offer up a bit of swag to motivate folks. I have 10 of these limited edition Treecko promo cards that were passed out at GenCon.  Only about 1,000 of these were created.  Click on the image for larger picture.  I'll mail the first 10 people that contribute World Championship tourney reports a free Treecko Promo card  These puppies have fetched over $15 on Ebay

  • Jeremy Maron is the 1st person to send us a Tourney Report from Worlds - Jeremy won the event.  Congrats Jeremy! 

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is  Warp Energy from Aquapolis. Jermy101, TheMcster, Otaku and X-Act have reviews.

We were able to make a few updates to our Places to Play List thanks to some helpful readers. So, check it out for local action and add your own haunts if they're not already listed.

Thursday, 08.25.05  Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Cyclone Energy from Skyridge. Otaku, TheMcster, Ash and X-Act have reviews.

We are trying to update our Places to Play List.  If the place you play is not listed, please send us an email.  If you are a store owner, and run regular leagues or tourneys ,please send us an email for a free listing.

Our old friends Scott & Chris Gerhardt now own Shuffle & Cut in California.  They were working the World Championship event and got their hands on some of the new Tropical Tidal Wave Trainer Cards.  They are selling 4 of them on Ebay right now for: Top 16; another Top 16; Top 32; and a Staff Card

lilgroudon answers the burning question, "How do I get deoxys?" in Groudon's Den.

Tuesday, 08.23.05  Loretta has some Toy News out of Japan.  A Pokepark that is packaged with Candy.  Check out our News Section today. 

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Boost Energy from EX Unseen Forces. Jermy101, Otaku, Ash and X-Act have reviews.

lilgroudon is helping someone with Sky Pillar in Emerald today and has a quick Gym Leaders tip. 

Seymour sends us his Pokemon Deck Tip entitled Dark Steelix is the Best!!!

Monday, 08.22.05  One of our Pokemon Card of the Day reviewers, Jeremy Maron (Jermy101) of Pennsylvania knocked out Ness in the Sweet 16, and went on to win the 15+ division at the Pokemon World Championships.  Congrats Jermy!  That's awesome!  Full details are on the Pokemon Organized Play Website

Jermy101 has something else cool for all you guys that like to play Pokemon on Apprentice.  A new Apprentice Patch with which includes EX Unseen Forces.  Check out our Apprentice Page

Sunday, 08.21.05  7:00 a.m.   The Pokemon World Championships are taking place this weekend in San Diego, CA.  Our old friend Scott Gerhardt, who now owns Shuffle and Cut Games, is working the show as a retailer.  He called with some updates live from the event.  He said that some Pojo contributors have made the Top 32 cut in the 15+ division (when they ended Saturday Night), including William Hung, Jermy101, Jason "Ness" Klaczynksi, and Martin Moreno.  Congrats Guys!!!   As I understand things, there will be a 5 round sudden death, single elimination tourney on Sunday to determine the world champion. That's rough.

Pokemon Organized Play has a nice website with live updates right here.  The site has current Top 32 brackets, photos, and a look at the cool promo card participants received.

I was at GenCon this weekend.  Not much happening there really.  Though Nintendo printed 1,000 limited edition GenCon Treeko cards that they were passing out.  I'll try to toss a scan on the site for you guys that collect.  ;-)  - Pojo

Friday, 08.19.05  Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Dual Ball from EX Magma vs Aqua. TheMcSter, Scyther 21, Jermy101 and X-Act have reviews.

Johnny Blaze fires off one last "Blaze's Banter" where he has a little fun before he has to focus like red hot laser beam on the 2005 Pokemon World Championships in San Diego.

Clown Master dips into the message boards for some extra help with a Battle frontier Battle arena Team.

Thursday, 08.18.05  Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Dunsparce from EX Sandstorm. TheMcSter, Jermy101 and X-Act have reviews.

We have a Pokemon Deck Tip for you today. Elder Hebert Bro send us his Killer Pokemon Trainer Card Combo.

Wednesday, 08.17.05  Groudon takes a moment to answer the burning question, "How do you get to Pillar Levels?" today in Groudon's Den.

Clown Master puts a fix on Xenoslicer's team in preparation for the E4.

Tuesday, 08.16.05  Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Dunsparce from EX Sandstorm. TheMcSter, Ash and X-Act have reviews today.

Here's a fun article from Richmond, VA Times Dispatch: 4th-grader going for Pokémon title - regarding the World Championships in San Diego this weekend. 

Monday, 08.15.05  Carpie sent us information and links to "Pokemon Rocks American 2005" dates & locations.  You will be able to play Pokemon XD.  You can download the Mystic Ticket to catch Lugia and Ho-Oh.  You can download the exclusive Munchlax course onto your Nintendo DS Pokémon Dash game too.  Check out our News Section today for more details. 

Loretta, the biggest Pokemon Toy Expert we know, sent us some information about Battle Patchin Pokemon in Japan.  We posted this in our News Section today as well. 

This weekend, PIRN, the Pokémon Internet Radio Network will be covering the Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships in San Diego, CA. We will be bringing reports throughout the weekend from the players, staff, and more!   

Saturday, 08.13.05  Gamespot has a detailed review of Pokemon XD; Gale of Darkness today.  The game was just release in Japan:

"The game has some catchy battle tunes and plenty of familiar sound effects from the Pokémon. The battle sound effects also sound nice, from the various energy attacks to the soft hiss of falling rain. The pocket monsters themselves also look good in 3D and are sharply defined. Meanwhile, their short animations do the job well. Special abilities also have a unique look to them, with the energy and shadow abilities featuring good richness of color and some depth. From the time we've spent with the import version, it looks like longtime fans of Pokémon will be easily turned to the shadowy side by Pokémon XD when it's released in the States later this year. We'll be sure to keep this gamespace updated as more information comes forward, so stay tuned for more news of the unfortunate emo Pokémon and their perkier cousins."

Friday, 08.12.05  Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Wally's Training from EX Emerald. Johnny Blaze, Otaku, Jermy101, Pidgeot5, TheMcSter, Prime and X-Act have reviews today.

Johnny Blaze brings us his 4th part of "What to expect at the 2005 Pokemon World Championships" being held in San Diego, CA. Check out "Blaze's Banter" for his full scoop.

Video Games News from Gamespot: Trio of Pokemon games coming to DS

"Three new Pokemon games are in development for the Nintendo DS, reports the latest issue of Comic Korokoro. Two others are scheduled for release this year, with one being a puzzle game and one a dungeon role player. Not much is known about the third, except that it will be an action-oriented role-playing game.

The DS Pokemon puzzle game will be titled Pokemon Torouze, which roughly translates into English as "Get Pokemon." The game seems near completion, as its release date for Japan is currently October 20.

The second Pokemon spin-off is titled Pokemon: Fushigi no Dungeon Blue, and it is slated for release in Japan this winter. A GBA version, titled Pokemon: Fushigi no Dungeon Red, is also scheduled for release in the same period. Specific details on both Fushigi no Dungeon Blue and Red haven't been disclosed yet, but their titles suggest they will be Pokemon editions of Chunsoft's popular Fushigi no Dungeon RPG series. The Fushigi no Dungeon series is known for its randomly generated dungeon maps, which was a stunning system for its time back when it made its debut in 1993.

Comic Korokoro also unveiled first details on Pokemon Rangers, which the magazine announced last month without citing any game information or release platform. As it turns out, Pokemon Rangers will be an action RPG for the DS. The player will take the role of a Pokemon Ranger, a person that fights to preserve nature and wildlife by using Pokemon. Pokemon Rangers will be released next year, just prior to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and it will feature some form of interaction with the other two Pokemon games. Pokemon Rangers is also said to have some connection to next year's Pokemon movie and anime series in Japan." - more ... source

Thursday, 08.11.05  Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Energy Removal 2 from EX Fire Red/Leaf Green. Johnny Blaze, Otaku, Jermy101, TheMcSter, Travis, Hinkbert, Prime, X-Act, Pidgeot5, have reviews today.

Clown Master is in his Pokemon GBA Team Garage looking over another players GBA Team today. 

Wednesday, 08.10.05  Groudon has four quick videogame tips today on Magmar, Milktank, Sky Pillar and a training tip which answer the questions of some of our loyal readers.

Tuesday, 08.09.05  Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is EXP.ALL from Neo Destiny. Otaku, Jermy101, Johnny Blaze, Travis, Prime and X-Act all have reviews of this Trainer. And, we welcome a new reviewers, Pidgeot5 and TheMcster. TheMcster is currently the UK National Champion. He'll be in San Diego next week for the World Championships! Welcome aboard guys!

Monday, 08.08.05  X-Act, one of our COTD reviewers, sends us a detailed Tourney Report from the action he saw at the National Malta Pokemon Tournament ... A tourney he managed to win!  Congrats X-Act!

Justin Howard has sent us an article today regarding some of his ideas to Bring Back the Unlimited Format. 

The EX Unseen Forces Pre-Release Tourneys will be taking place over the next couple of weekends.  Here's a quick link to find a location to play near you

Some fun Pokemon News from around the Globe:  "Local teens Poliwhirl and Snorlax their way to Pokemon championships" - in Missouri's The Sedalia Democrat

Friday, 08.05.05   Johnny Blaze is back with a brand new article in "Blaze's Banter".  Today Johnny has a look at the Zap-Turn-dos Deck.  ... "possibly the fastest and most popular deck (depending on where you live)". 

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Gardevoir EX from Sandstorm. Scyther 21 & Jaeger have reviews today.

"Nintendo's evergreen Pokémon Emerald is as much a hit down under as it is in the rest of the world, it seems, as it once again leads Australia's all-format game sales charts for the week, according to chart provider GFK." - Story

Loretta sends in today's Pokemon chuckle - Barbie Team Rocket Dolls on Ebay???

Thursday, 08.04.05  Clown Master puts his big shoes on and helps out a friend. Check out Chewie's Team in the Pokemon GBA Team Garage.

Wednesday, 08.03.05  Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Gardevoir from Ruby Sapphire. Jaeger has a review today.

Here's some interesting Pokemon Movie News from ANN about the Japanese Box Office Results: "Star Wars and Pokemon still on top - For the third week in a row, Star Wars Episode 3 - Revenge Of The Sith and Pokemon 2005 have taken the top two positions respectively at the Japanese Box Office." - Source

Tuesday, 08.02.05  James Chaney sends us his Dark Fighting Tourney Report from the action he saw at Dreamwizards.

Groudon asks Clown Master to check out his team and apply some pojo staffer teamwork in today's edition of Clown Master's Pokemon GBA Team Garage.

Monday, 08.01.05  I've been getting a lot of email about Pokemon Diamond & Pearl the last few weeks.  These are two new games coming out for the Nintendo DS. People want to know when these games are coming out and more about them. The last I heard was that these games aren't schedule to hit stores until 2006.  The DS allows for 16 players to communicate via WiFi. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl will make full use of this capability.  If anyone has news that contradicts that, feel free to pass it along. 

Clown Master revs up his Game Boy Team Garage and runs through a quick Swampert fix up for Takachinic's Team.

Pokemon XD for the GameCube is schedule to hit stores on October 3, 2005.  You can pre-order it from Amazon.com already if you like to shop from home.  ;-)   There's a link in the right margin. 

Here's an interesting toy link from Kenta: "hiya, my name is kenta and i have a lot of pokemon figures (from) hasbro. i wish you could put them in your web page. you can see them in this link".



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