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Pojo's Pokemon Site - MonsterOfTheLake's Lake - Top 5 Disruption Cards in HP-On
MonsterOfTheLake's Lake
MonsterOfTheLake's Lake

Top 5 Disruption Cards in HP-On

Disruption, while never being as broken as it has in Magic, still has played and to this day plays an important part in the Pokémon Trading Card Game lore. Yes, I said lore.

From Lass to Slowking to Rocket's Admin, disruption cards make your opponents' life a living hell, and make their Pokémon easier to pick off. The inherent risk of disrupting your opponent in lieu of setting yourself up is an interesting subject, one that I prefer to simply boil down to "if the disruption is sick enough, then go for it." Your mileage may vary.
Imposter Oak does it wrong.
The wrong way to disrupt your opponent. You might as well let them attach three energies per turn.
The correct way to disrupt your opponent.
People used to play this card in the first turn of the game. And you people are whining about Gardevoir.
So what is disruption? Is it Absol's Baleful Wind? Or Team Galactic's Wager? Both are fantastic hand disruption cards; however, disruption in Pokémon is not limited to simple discard effects. Vileplume ex clearly disrupts your opponent, even though it doesn't make them discard anything. Likewise, Cessation Crystal doesn't have any effect on your opponent's hand, yet it has a disruptive effect on both you and your opponent.

This list will, above all, consider the disruption's viciousness. Baleful Wind's effect was virtually unheard of on Pokémon cards, let alone a basic; yet the loss of one or two cards is simply a hindrance rather than something that forces the opponent to completely change their gameplan. Usability will also be a factor; so Rhyperior won't be on this list. Seriously, who plays Rhyperior?

The List

Sorted by descending numerical order, starting from the number "5."

#5 Warp Point (Gym Challenge, VS, Expedition, Team Magma vs Team Aqua, Unseen Forces, Crystal Guardians, Diamond & Pearl, Majestic Dawn)
Disrupts: The Field

A card that can quite literally win you the game when timed rightly, this trainer makes neither player's bench a safe haven. Chances are, there's a reason your opponent has that particular Pokémon active: the ones on the bench are either not powered up yet, or completely useless as an attacker! Of course, there's always the possibility that they're just sacing the active to activate their Scramble or something; but a well timed Warp Point should net you either a prize, or further disruption. It's no Gust of Wind, but it sure is effective -- you'd be hard pressed to find a deck that doesn't run at least 1.
Warp Point

#4 Team Galactic's Wager (Mysterious Treasures)
Disrupts: Both players' hands

While you're not guaranteed to win the wager, and thus draw 6 cards instead of 3, it hardly matters thanks to our good friend Claydol.

And there's always the chance that your opponent will lose, without a Claydol, or with one that is shut down. With a random 3 card hand and no hopes of using Powers to draw and search for cards, you have left your opponent as helpless and close to surrender as the French.
Team Galactic's Wager

#3 Cessation Crystal (Crystal Guardians)
Disrupts: Powers and Bodies

In terms of viciousness, this card takes the cake; shutting down both Powers AND Bodies. That is roughly the equivalent of Elisha Cuthbert AND a mental illness that would make her think going out with MonsterOfTheLake is a GREAT idea.

Gardevoir, as strong as it is, only shuts down Powers. Thus, Bodies like Sceptile's Wild Growth and Espeon's/Umbreon's Eeveelution bonuses still remain active. Cessation is able to shut those down as well. Countered by Pachirisu and Windstorm, but nevertheless quite disruptive, effectively stopping your opponent from both getting the counters they need AND attacking you with their healing/Energy accelerating bodies.
Cessation Crystal

#2 Dusknoir (Diamond & Pearl)
Disrupts: Opponents' bench

There is a reason why people are teching a random Stage 2 line with zero to very little synergy to their main hitters: Dusknoir disrupts the very field itself! Simply put, enjoying 5 bench spaces for yourself while only allowing your opponent to have 3 is disruption at its finest, limiting your opponent's ability to build up as much as you can. While scaring your opponent away from laying down another basic, dropping Dusknoir when your opponent has 4 or 5 Pokémon already in their bench, makes this card deadly. Using Warp Point together with Dusknoir will let you pick off their main attacker without even using up an attack! Combining disruption cards to punish your opponent even more will put you at a great advantage. Also, the sky is blue.

#1 Gardevoir (Secret Wonders)
Disrupts: Powers

Would it be anything else? The card that simply dominated HP-On from January-On, Gardevoir's Psychic Lock and numerous Synergies from its evolution line has made it the single most powerful card in HP-On. Why does Psychic Lock rank so much higher than Cessation, even though Cessation shuts down Bodies as well? Because there is no counter to Psychic Lock, as the effect is placed on the player themselves. When you use Psychic Lock, your opponent has no way of using their Powers, and without Powers they can't draw or search for cards. Absorbing all that makes it powerful and repelling everything else, a Gardevoir deck is able to use all 5 of the cards on this list, and disrupt the opponent to the point where even topdecks won't help.

And there's the article. Hope you liked it.


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