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Pirates of the Spanish Main Tips

From: john malarkey [mailto:john.malarkey@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2006 8:39 PM

Subject: variations on the basic game - john malarkey

a simple way to make the game more realistic is to make the rulers (S= 4", L=6") and to forbid sailing directly into the wind. set a compass rose on the table. roll a die to select the side each player comes onto the board, roll a die to set the wind. use a 50-60-70 degree triangle to help players determine how close to the wind they can sail. 50d for smaller ships 60d for average ships, 70d for big ships..... also let each player sail the first leg, then each player in turn sail the second leg if his - her ship has more than one distance permitted...

-john malarkey

by the way, i will have a complete list of ships w/ card numbers and specs in a week or so if wizkids can keep their server on line for a few days, many broken links and the worst card data base in the CCG business, dang but most companies want you to have the complete spoiler list before the release date, what is w/ wizkids, great games, terrible on line support...


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