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Pirates of the Spanish Main Tips
 By Kevin Nicholls

August 12, 2005  

  1. Concurrent movement
  • Movement is conducted by all teams concurrently once per turn

  • Is written out according to large compass placed at start of game

  • For each ship in your squadron you will need a written order

  • Directions for movement will be written according to compass directions

  • Ship name must be present

  • Long movements will be capitalized

  • Short movements lower case

  • ( a ship with an L plus S would get the movement order Nn or SWe )

  • ( a ship with S plus S would have nwnw or see )

  • Explore or repair actions also need to be written

  • All movement needs conducted before battle phase

  • Moves should be done according to area and proximity before other areas less affected

  1. Concurrent Battle
  • Battle is initiated when first cannons come into range on target

  • Exception is if you have written order to hold fire on that turn

  • Exception is if you have written order to fire only when fired upon

  • Exception is if you have truce with target ship’s nation

  • Battle is broadsides at only one target – no multiple targeting

  • All cannon must shoot at same target at same time if within range

  • Movement stops for combat ( no movement carry-over )

  1. Sinking/Derelict
  • Masts are knocked down just as the regular rules

  • A ship is derelict just as main rules

  • Each ship has hull value equal to its point cost

  • Each cannon has damage value equal to its dice roll to hit ( a “2” counts as a 2 )

  • A ship is sunk when it’s hull value is exceeded by cumulative damage.

  • When boats sinks; the nation that sunk it gets half its value in gold

  • The remaining half gets washed up (placed) on the nearest island ( or split evenly as possible if more than one nearby )

  1. Repairs
  • Mast repairs may happen at sea; fort  or any non-enemy controlled  island

  • Hull repairs may happen only at friendly fort or home port

  • Hull repairs cost in gold the difference between hull value and damage total

  • Repair costs come out of your treasury

  • Hulls may not be strengthened beyond original point value

  1. Income
    • Each nation/faction receives income from several sources per turn
    • Each island under your control 1 gold
    • Each in supply island under your control 2 gold
    • Treasure found that gets back to home base
    • Half the value of any ship sunk
    • Negotiated truces
    • Ransom
    • Derelicts brought back to home port may be sold to any nation for any negotiated price
  1. Crew
    • Crew may be eliminated in lieu of losing a mast; ship owners choice
    • Crew may only be bought at home port. They may not enter game anywhere else.
    • Crew may apply their duties to forts if applicable
    • Captured crew may held for ransom or exchanged for similar crew for that nationality at half price
    • Ex. A captured Spanish shipwright may be traded for an English shipwright for 1 gold
    • When a vessel sinks the crew has a chance to be marooned if within L plus S of land
    • Roll d6 and even numbers they make it; odd they don’t
    • Marooned crew may be rescued by any nationality.
    • Marooned crew automatically change allegiance to rescuing nation without cost
  1. Supply
    • Islands are in supply if an uninterrupted chain/line may be drawn from home port to island
    • Line must pass through other islands on the way.
    • Line must pass through only territory owned by player
    • Forts may only be built on islands in supply
    • Forts not in supply lose one cannon per turn that their island is out of supply
    • Forts in supply gain a cannon ( to their original number ) each turn
    • A fort must be in supply for a vessel to be repaired at it.
  1. Winning
    • A nation wins when no other nation can field a fleet
    • A nation loses when it can no longer field a fleet
    • When a nation is knocked out its islands revert to wild islands
    • Improved islands (forts) go abandoned and may be reclaimed by any active nation
    • A nation may continue to purchase fleets and crew throughout game if adequate funds

Kevin Nicholls



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