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New Asian-themed Ships, New Faction, Physical Ship Rewards Program Highlighted in Latest Expansion


WHAT:           Pirates of the South China Seas, the latest expansion of the Pirates Constructible Strategy Game (CSG) Online, is now available for digital download. 


                        Piracy and politics intertwine in the South China Seas!  A new faction rules these waters, one powerful enough to influence the rise and fall of even the mighty Imperial dynasties. Crewing exotic looking vessels such as the massive six-masted junk and the fearsome Dragon ship, the Jade Rebellion rules the trade routes leading in and out of these lands and seeks to keep the treasures of the South China Seas out of the hands of the imperialists from the west.


                        Online tournament players will  additionally be rewarded with new bounty with this expansion. From June 13 until August 1, 2007,  each player that enters a sanctioned Pirates CSG Online tournament will receive a randomly selected digital Limited Edition ship from the Pirates of the South China Seas set as well as a redemption offer good for one randomly selected Limited Edition physical ship for the tabletop version of WizKids’ Pirates of the South China Seas.* In addition, winning players for all other Pirates CSG Online tournaments during this limited time will receive the same digital ship and physical redemption offers.. Redeemable Limited Edition ships for all tournaments will be chosen at random from the following:


ˇ         El Afortunado – A great treasure hunting ship

ˇ         Le Triomphant – Perfect for “hit and run” tactics

ˇ         La Belle Poule – Ideal for exploring islands

ˇ         Floating Stone – Fast and Lucky

ˇ         Dragon’s Talon – A sturdy and resilient fighter

ˇ         Tiger’s Paw – Crews of any nation/faction can use their abilities aboard her



  • 72 different ships to scuttle or scavenge, including the stalwart Dragon ship, sturdy Korean Turtle ship and the powerful six-masted pirate junk
  • A new pirate faction for players to ally with – the Jade Rebellion
  • 46 different treasures and crew.
  • New game-changing Events that quickly turn the tide of battle – discover looted treasure is fake, summon rolling fog banks or cross swords with your opponents.


WHO:              Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE), a global leader in the online entertainment industry.


WHEN:            Wednesday, June 13, 2007


WHERE:        For more information on Pirates of the South China Seas and Pirates

CSG Online, visit the website at www.piratesgameonline.com.

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