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Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG
High Seas Adventure Awaits!

(May 2007) – Pinnacle Entertainment’s Pirates of the Spanish Main roleplaying game, based on the popular Wizkids, Inc. Constructible Strategy Game of the same name, is now widely available.  The summer of Pirates begins as the Savage Worlds driven Pirates RPG takes to the stores.

“Pirates and Savage Worlds players won’t be disappointed in the RPG,” says Pinnacle Entertainment President Simon Lucas. “The rules and story in this book do a superb job of taking the high seas, swashbuckling adventure of the CSG to the RPG realm.  If you’re a Hollywood pirate hound, or a pirate history buff, there’s something in there for you.”

The 256 page full color Pirates of the Spanish Main roleplaying game carries a MSRP of $39.99 and is available through all major distributors.  A full range of Pinnacle Entertainment’s free One Sheet support adventures for the Pirates RPG can be found on their company website www.peginc.com through out the Summer of 2007. Previews and page samples of Pirates roleplaying game can be found on the Pinnacle website.

About the Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG

Pirates features a complete roleplaying game with no need to purchase supplemental material.  The single volume contains everything needed to create pirate adventurers, superior sailing ships, and is brimming with information about the Spanish Main.  Completed with dazzling artwork the Pirates RPG is a prized possession for any pirate fan.

Rules found only in the Pirates RPG bring the Wizkids CSG ships seamlessly into the roleplaying game and take high seas RPG adventuring further than it’s ever gone before while keeping combat fast, furious, and fun.

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