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Pirates of the Crimson Coast News  


Pirates of the South China Seas Releases!


February 23, 2006 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc., the industry leader in collectibles gaming and maker of the HeroClix® and MechWarrior® collectable miniatures games (CMG), announced today the release of the newest Pirates expansion: Pirates of the South China Seas™!


This first Pirates expansion set outside of Europe or the Americas pushes the storyline across the globe, allowing for truly worldwide naval battles.  “Early Chinese and Korean seafaring history is so rich and extensive that it was a pleasure to include it in the ongoing Pirates mythology,” said Jordan Weisman, WizKids® CEO.


Pirates of the South China Seas delves into the history and mystery of Asia’s extensive seafaring roots by introducing the junk and turtle ship designs to the game, as well as the new Jade Rebellion faction.  Additionally, Pirates of the South China Seas marks the return of constructible ships as prize support for WizKids’ Approved Play tournament system, so if you’re interested in picking up some fun, free ships to add to your collection, head on out to your local game or hobby store soon!


Some Game Packs are also super-rare “Preview” Packs.  These Packs contain a special sneak peek at the ships and factions of the upcoming Pirates of Davy Jones’ Curse™ set.  They’re very limited, so those lucky few who find them will be well rewarded with supercool Pirates booty!




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