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Pirates of the Crimson Coast News  

Pinnacle Entertainment Group to Produce WizKids RPGs, Scenario Books!


NOVEMBER 15th 2005 (Los Gatos, CA) – WizKids Inc., creators of the Constructible Strategy Game and Collectable Miniatures Game genres has granted award-winning game publishers Pinnacle Entertainment Group the rights to produce and support a range of roleplaying books for its game properties, including the Pirates and Rocketmen Constructible Strategy Games and the Mage Knight Collectable Miniatures Game.


The deal also allows GWG to support such genre-defining products as Pirates of the Spanish Main and MechWarrior with a series of scenario books, including new rules, games pieces, and fiction, bringing an additional level of fun and a new twist to some of WizKids’ best-loved properties.


“We’re huge fans of WizKids’ games, and are thrilled to be able to help further flesh out and develop their worlds,” says Shane Hensley, CEO of Pinnacle. “These are going to be full-color, gorgeous books that maintain WizKids and Pinnacle’s taglines of fast, furious, and fun!”


Pinnacle’s line manager for the new WizKids products, Paul Wade-Williams, says, "As a fan of the WizKids’ lines, it’s great to be able to take their wonderfully rich worlds and add an entire new level of game play and creativity.”


“Pinnacle has emerged as a leader in role-playing products in recent years,” said Jordan Weisman, CEO of WizKids Inc. “It is an honor to work with a cutting-edge company and a staff of role-playing pros.”



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