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“Freebooters Beware, these be MY Treasures”
The FIFTH aaaaaarticle on the Treasures of the Pirates Game
Cap’n William ‘WildWill’ Noetling

“Ten paces north.  Two paces east.  Five long strides Northeast.  Turn around one hundred eighty degrees and take one small step forward.  Start digging.  The treasure be buried less than a fathom down”


Ahh the treasures, you knew this was coming.  With each set I do a review of all the treasures (and events as well, that’s forthcoming).  This time, I’ll be looking at the South China Seas Unique Treasures, a mixed bag to be sure, but nothing too horrible. 


If ye would like to read the previous four aaaaarticles I wrote on this subject you can find them here:


Spanish Main

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Treasures of the South China Seas (10 Rare)

Card #

Card Name







Load this treasure face down. On any one of your turns, you may reveal Fireworks to give this ship +2 to her cannon rolls that turn. Then remove Fireworks from the game.

I always enjoy temporary bonuses, and +2 to any cannon roll is about the biggest bonus you can get.  In fact, this makes those rank 6 cannons viable, for one shot at least.  Still, it’s not a game-changing piece, and perhaps that’s for the best.




Rotting Hull

This ship gets –1 to her cargo capacity. If this causes the ship to exceed her current cargo, you must transfer the excess to the wild island where Rotting Hull was loaded. This ship cannot unload Rotting Hull, but you may give her a repair action to eliminate Rotting Hull instead of repairing a mast.

The first of our negative treasures, which work great on your opponent, not so good for you.  Losing a cargo spot is NEVER good, but at least it’s easily fixable, if you call losing a turn with that ship easily fixable.





Jade takes up one cargo space, and you may choose not to unload it. Whenever this ship docks at your home island, double the gold value of the treasure with the lowest gold value on this ship.

You can increase your chances of getting decent value out of this treasure by seeding only higher treasure coins in your portion of the treasure pool.  This treasure is eerily similar to Spices from the last set, only this time; you don’t get to choose which treasure gets doubled.  Meh.





When revealed, eliminate one random treasure from the island and one random crew from every ship docked at the island. Then remove Volcano from the game.

Your standard flavor adder treasure.  Since it affects most players evenly, especially if there are multiple players docked at that island, it could potentially be game changing.  Then again, the effect is not that exciting.  Still it’s a fun piece.




Kharmic Idol

When revealed, remove all face-up unique treasure from the game. If such a unique treasure changed the value of a treasure coin, that coin regains its printed value.

Your basic reset piece.  If you’re playing with a lot of UT’s, you might want to seed this one as well, just to give yourself an out if there’s too many upturned treasures. 




Bad Maps

When you place Bad Maps face up on this ship, as a free action the opponent to your left moves this ship and the island Bad Maps was on 2 <L> in any direction.

This is the only piece in the game that allows you to physically change the playing surface, but wait, it doesn’t allow YOU to change the game, and it allows your opponent.  Sure is nifty.





This ship gets –1 to the result of every die roll you make for her. At the beginning of each of your turns, roll a d6. On a result of 6, the player to your right places Albatross on another of your ships. Albatross cannot be unloaded unless the ship it is on sinks.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge gets another shout out (and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need to read “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”.  Here, I’ll wait.


Are you back?  Good.  Now I hate poetry, but that poem, I love.  Why?  It’s so freaking weird.  Dude kills a bird and bad luck ensues.  This treasure gives you nothing but bad luck (though in reality, the bird gave good luck before it was killed).  Just like the other really nasty treasures, this one will be game changing when it’s revealed, especially since it can only be removed by sinking or Kharmic Idol




Trade Route

Load this treasure face down. When revealed, trade one random treasure from your home island with a random treasure from an enemy home island. Both home islands must have treasure in order for Trade Route to be used. Then remove Trade Route from the game.

Ooohh whoop-di-doo.   Yet ANOTHER treasure that duplicates a crew ability.  You know how I feel about those.





Load this treasure face down. Reveal it when unloaded at your home island: You may choose to eliminate crew from this ship. For each crew you eliminate, you gain 1 gold. Then remove Pension from the game.

Now this one is interesting, you can remove your own crew and get one gold for them.  At the end of the game it might be exactly what you need to put you over the top.  Otherwise it’s a waste of plastic.




Pandora’s Box

When revealed, each player must choose and put a unique treasure from outside the game aboard this ship.

The single most powerful UT in the game, as far as I’m concerned.  It allows BOTH players to pick a treasure from outside the game and put it in play immediately.  Can be extremely useful in that rare situation where you have Fruit but no Scurvy, or for a quick kill bonus where you get Neptune’s Trident or Poseiden’s Breath.  The only drawback is that your opponent gets the same opportunity.  Still, it’s an insanely useful piece.




We’ve already had our first peak at the next set of Pirates and the Unique Treasures found within. Thus far they all appear to be super-natural themed, with one allowing you to put a crewmember on your sea-monsters. What? You don’t know about sea monsters? Get over to the Sneak Peak right now. You can find that here.

In the mean time, comments, missives, hate or love mail can be spammed, err…I mean sent to wmnoe@yahoo.com.

Until next time, I’m your Cap’n WildWill. I’ll see YOU on the High Seas.

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