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“Cursed Aztec Gold? Nay, I’ll be having
NONE of that if ye please…”
The FOURTH in the increasingly incorrectly
titled Treasure Trilogy Reviews
Treasures of the Barbary Coast

By: Cap’n William ‘WildWill’ Noetling

Well shiver me timbers and blow me down. It’s been mighty a ev’nin’ since we last locked spyglasses on one another. Your trusty cap’n is FINALLY back to give you the lowdown on the Treasures of the Barbary Coast, just like I did on the previous three sets.

If you missed those articles, you can find those here: Spanish Main, Crimson Coast, Revolution


Card #

Card Name







Double the value of one non-unique treasure on this ship when unloaded at your home island or fort, and then remove Spices from the game.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll have to keep saying it I suppose, I HATE unique treasures that actually just duplicate an ability of a unique crew.  At least this one is a pretty nice bonus.  If you manage to get it on the 7 gold treasure, that’s 14 gold!




Maps of Alexandria

When revealed, turn all treasure on all wild islands face up for the remainder of the game. Remove Maps of Alexandria from the game.

This particular UT would be quite fun in a friendly game.  In a tournament game, it could spell disaster for either party. 





If one of this ship’s masts or crew would be eliminated by a ship, you may give Relics to the attacker instead, ending that ship’s turn.

A free one-mast fix.  Nice, but, I don’t really see using it in a game.





No treasure may be loaded from this wild island until Wolves is eliminated. Wolves is eliminated if successfully hit once by either a Musketeer or a crew with the Marine keyword.

Wolves is actually a pretty nifty treasure.  I always like pieces that add some flavor to the game.  Then again, it could conceivably be a nasty stopper at the crucial time.  You never know.





This ship may dock at an opponent’s home island or fort; while there, you may exchange Wine for one treasure there of your choosing. This ship cannot shoot or be shot at if it is within S of an opponent’s home island or fort.

Wine reads more like a scenario rather than a unique treasure.  Another treasure that adds flavor to the game, but doesn’t really add to the game-play in of itself. 





Each non-unique treasure on this ship is worth 1 fewer gold when unloaded. Rats cannot be unloaded.

There’s usually at least one nasty treasure in each set, this time it’s Rats.  If Plague, Scurvy and Fruit didn’t thrill you, Rats won’t either.  Then again, if you’re into wanton mayhem, seed Rats on your opponent. 




Knights of Malta Banner

If loaded by a Barbary Corsair ship, Knights of Malta Banner is worth 5 gold when unloaded at your home island. If loaded by another nation’s ship, it is worth 1 gold for every mast that ship eliminates while Knights of Malta Banner is aboard.

Bonus treasure and another flavor adder.  Once again a UT sounds more like a scenario, but this time, the scenario is a bit more balanced.  Personally I like it.




Barbary Banner

If loaded by a Barbary Corsair ship, Barbary Banner is worth 1 gold for every mast that ship eliminates while Barbary Banner is aboard. If loaded by another nation’s ship, it is worth 5 gold when unloaded at your home island.

But I didn’t need two of them.  This is the same UT as above, worded a little bit differently.




Wet Gunpowder

This ship cannot be given shoot actions. Wet Gunpowder cannot be unloaded from this ship, but you may give this ship a repair action to eliminate Wet Gunpowder instead of repairing a mast.

A second nasty treasure in the set.  This one has an out, but if you think about it, you can only eliminate it IF you wait a turn to repair a mast.  So you’re already wounded, and you have to wait to repair.   This might be the nastiest UT in the game. 




Poseiden’s Breath

Load this treasure face down. When this ship is given a move action, you may reveal Poseidon’s Breath: This ship may move her base move as many times as she has masts; no other special abilities may affect her movement. When the movement action ends, eliminate one of this ship’s masts, and then remove Poseidon’s Breath from the game.

I LOVE the treasures that give a minor power boost for one shot.  This is similar to Neptune’s Trident, however instead of shooting a tsunami, you get to move up to as many masts that you have.  Conceivably you could go up to 5L in one fell swoop.  But then you lose a mast.  Six of one, half a dozen of the other.



So there you have it, the Unique Treasures of the Barbary Coast. I’m out of school for a couple weeks in between quarters at UCLA, so if I get the opportunity I’ve got a couple more aaaaaaaarticles coming your way.

In the mean time, comments, missives, hate or love mail can be spammed, err…I mean sent to wmnoe@yahoo.com.

Until next time, I’m your Cap’n WildWill. I’ll see YOU on the High Seas.

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