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Pirates of the Spanish Main/Crimson Coast Photo Essay
William ‘Cap’n WildWill’

Everything you need in ONE pack of cards –

Two Ships, One Island, One Crew Card, One Die. A complete game in every pack.

The Revenant, scourge of the Spanish Main. Comes on three separate cards.

Five Masted Ships are all rare.

Ships are really easy to build, snap out the pieces from the cards and put them together!

Here we see a typical Pirates set up (actually this playing surface is a tad smaller than you really want). The rules state you need to have all your islands placed at least 2 L bars apart, and no more than 4 from any one island.

Here's Player 1's fleet setup. They have the 9 point schooner Adventure, the 13 point 5 Master Revenant, and a 3 point Fort. Forts aren’t built until the game is underway. To round out her 30 point fleet, she has an explorer and an helmsman on the Adventure (crew cards are placed upside down until they use their ability)

This is player two's opening set up. He's got the 13 point Roanoke, the 6 point Snipe and a lot of crew.

Player two's opening move, measuring out movement uses the cards that the ships come on. Note - Pojo.com T-Shirt not available in stores.

The second part of the Roanoke's move

Player 1 moving the Revenant into position. Notice the Fort is now in place, and the Adventure is docked at the wild island.

Looks like a fight is a brewing!

Checking to see if my ship is in range (mine is the one on the bottom). Cannon one? Nope.

Cannon two? Aargh matey, Fire Cannons!

Checking on Cannon #5, not in range. Even if it were, my other ship, the Snipe is in the way.

Figure 1 This is a home-made island, one of six I made out of Crayola modeling compound, spray paint, some flocking, little pebbles, balsa for the base, and one of my old ships glued together and cut apart to look ship-wrecked

Figure 2 Another of the home-made islands. That thing in the middle is supposed to be a volcano.

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