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ChaosReaper on Pirates of the Spanish Main

Article #10 -Battleplans aka "How you beat face"
May 9, 2006

Hello to all in the spanish main! Captain Chaosreaper back again with another article to shove down the viewers throats. *loads article launcher* Lock and load! *fires*
Battleplans aka "How you beat face"
Today I bring you an in-depth description of the 3 (known) main-types of strategies.
Plan A- Doing everything is better than doing nothing at all.
This is probably the more common strategy. Plan A involves having a mix of Treasure grabbing and explosion creation. The best way to utilize Plan A is to have ships that can switch from being a gunboat to a tresure hauler. I know that most people want to use half-gunboat and half-hauler, but being able to switch strategies on the fly is a good way to confuse the opponent.
-Can do both grabbing treasure and smashing face.
-Allows for strategy switching on the fly
-When up against a dedicated strategy, Plan A can't keep up in the matching strategy
-Due to not being dedicated, Plan A players usually win slower in eithier category because of that fact
Plan B- Gold never helps a dead man
Plan B involves grabbing as much gold as possible before the opponent can do much of anything to you. Plan B is best with low-point ships with average/above average cargo holds. There are a number of ships that fall into this category. Go look. One thing that sets the many ship strategy apart is that each ship gets a turn. 10 small ships have a good advantage over 2 big ones like that. Those who take this strategy should also use a billion forts.
-Wheee! Forts! Loads of Forts!
-Wins the fastest.
-Possible to have superior numbers and turns
-Opponent can easily cause the death of the treasure hauler ships.
-Watch out for evil Unique Treasure! *cough*me*cough*
Plan C-Gold never helped a dead man, but a dead man can't help the gold.
My favorite strategy by far. This is simple. Just cause as much destruction as possible. One thing that is very effective in this strategy is to load Evil unique treasure on the wild islands like land mines. In a 40-point game you are allowed 8 treasure per player equaling 15 points. Ok, use two 7's and a 1. 5 treasure slots open for massive destruction. Go crazy with plauge, scurvy, and the like.
-Wins more reliably
-Ruins Plan B
-uhhh, destroying stuff is fun!
-Hard to hurt strategy
-Wins the slowest
-Can fall to a well-planned Plan B
Hope this article helps or enlightens some of you guys!
Feel free to send all mail to justinturtle@hotmail.com


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