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ChaosReaper on Pirates of the Spanish Main

Rumors of my death have been....correct
May 1, 2006

Hi all. Yes you read that correctly, I am dead. I mean come on, I'm chaosREAPER. I'm already dead, plus I live in the graveyard of ships. I can't die twice.
But anyway, on to today's article. I did promise you some ways to customize your own game, and that's what I bring.
1-Custom islands
This isn't my idea, this has already been done, and well I might add. Visit the Pirate's Customs section for some well done ones.
2-Custom flags
The rules state that when you explore an island you must place a flag (or something like it) on said island. Why not make your own cool little flag? You could take a little print out and a toothpick and your done
3-Pimping out your ships
A cool thing to do (if your not an obsessed ship collector) is to take a ship and make it look awesome. Maybe get some paint for it, make it look run down. Or you could cut out the sails (leaving the 'skeleton' and attach some cloth to it to make the sails more real looking.
Sorry for the short article, but I don't want to take all the creative ideas from you guys.
As long as its not hate mail (send that to wildwill), you can e-mail me @ justinturtle@hotmail.com


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