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ChaosReaper on Pirates of the Spanish Main

Sea-faring solitaire 2
March 16, 2006

Sea-faring Solitaire 2 (Also known as the poor captain's time-passer)

Hey everyone. Captain Chaosreaper here, and I am bringing this alternate version of the pirates solitaire due to the fact that you needed a lot of ships for the first version. So if you only have so many ships, this solitaire is for you. You really only need 2 packs to play.

-Choose one ship for yourself to use. Once you have, take 3 other ships. These will be your enemies.
-Place one island in the middle of the playing area. Place any amount of coins equaling 30 points on this island. Place home islands 3L away from the middle island (one for each ship)

-Play following all the rules on your turn.
-Opponent's turns-
Your opponent's ships will attempt to move tword the middle island, and when it docks, it will take as many gold as it can (choose at random) and then move back to it's home island and unload it. These ships will also shoot when in range of your ship, or opponent's ships.

Follow the normal Wizkid's rules for winning a game.



I apologize for the short article. But this needed to be put up there. We all are not like WildWill in our collections.

Next time: I'm taking a break from writing custom scenarios (mainly cause I don't have any fun ideas) and going to combine my love of Pirates and my love of Yugioh to bring you a sea-faring deck of fun. If you like both already, you'll like my crazy deck creativity. If you don't know about yugioh, I would suggest reading up on it! Using this deck alongside your fleet would make you a true pirate. Or in my case, a true Naval Captain. Because I am a master of the English kind.


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