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ChaosReaper on Pirates of the Spanish Main

The Deathbringer Part III: The Last Deathbringer
February 28, 2006

Welcome to the 3rd of the Deathbringer series, and the special Birthday episode! Im 19 now, and still not any older inside! I'll play as many card games as I want! No one shall criticise me for what I do!


But anyway, because its my Birthday, I have full right to be egotistical today. You'll see.

(Also, just to tell ya, the pirate episode of Yugioh GX is on as I type this. Coinencidence?)


"Captain, Captain!" said the 1st mate as he bursted through the Captain's door. Captain ChaosReaper turned to face his 1st mate. "What is it?"

"The final Deathbringer has been spotted sir. It seems to have.... crashed."

"The Deathbringer? Crashed?"

"Yes, it seems to have crashed in a reef. But the derelict who was steering is still there, and the Deathbringer... She's still active."

"Plot a course then"

The 1st mate gave ChaosReaper a salute and left the room.

"These Deathbringers are finally going to be laid to rest. I just hope we'll be the only ones after the Deathbringer."


The Last Deathbringer:



The final Deathbringer ship has crashed and is stuck in a reef. Although still active, it has been seriously weakened. The fleet who can sink the monster of the seven seas will gain some serious attention and recognition.



Setup as normal, except set a reef in the middle of the playing area and set a 'wrecked' 5-masted ship (wrecked meaning you take on of it's sides off) on that reef. No gold is used in this. The deathbringer only has 3 masts.



-The Deathbringe is still active and will fire if in range.

-Deathbringer's stats

3 masts left

Cargo hold compromised

Can't move

Cannon: 0L,0L,0L

Nationality: Mercs

-On the Deathbringer's 'turn', fire at the closest ship withing range. The 0 roll on the masts mean you don't have to roll, and hit automatically



The first team to sink the wrecked deathbringer wins, otherwise the mercs win.



Questions, suggestions, just want to swap manly pirate words? Send Captain ChaosReaper an e-mail at justinturtle@hotmail.com . Save all hate mail for Captain Wildwill.


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