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ChaosReaper on Pirates of the Spanish Main

The Deathbringer Part I
February 13, 2006

Hello all pirate's lovers everywhere. To make up for last week's laziness, I'm posting this scenario and the 2nd part as well. I hope you enjoy them

The Deathbringer Part I -

We open up this scenario on a secluded island in an unknown ocean. There is a sem-large room with many chairs all surrounding a center platform. There are many different people sitting in groups in the audience area, all from many different nationalities and alliances. Bursting through a side door come a group of men and woman. These people are all dressed in dark clothes, with at least 2 weapons visible on each and battlescars all around. One particular one was leading the pack. A tattered cape flowing behind him, an eye-patch and a scar across the other, and about 7 visible weapons on his person. He walked to the center platform where everyone could see him and then shouted. "May I have your attention please everyone? We mercs are here to make our... contract. Now if I remember correctly, some of you doubt the power of our prototype ship. So, let me make you all an offer I know you've been waiting for from the point you've got here. I want you all to go to your ships, and ready your cannons. We Mercenaries respect power, not money. So go out there and prove you deserve the right to use our services,*pause* by eliminating everyone else."


Your now at the mercenary's private headquarters. They have been working on one of the most powerful ships ever to sail. Being mercenary's of course, they want proof that you really want that powerful ship at your disposal. Sink or disable everyother ship, and disable the deathbringer itself before it gets to the other end, and the Deathbringer's plans will be yours to use.


Setup the game as you would any other game (using 40 point fleets). But only place enough islands for every player to have a home island. Then grab 2 more islands, place one at one end of the playing area, and place another 7L away from the first. Make sure nothing is in the way of the 2 islands you just placed.

Take a single 5-masted ship and place it at one of the end islands. This will represent the Deathbringer I.

Deathbringer I stats:

The Deathbringer has 5 1L cannons for its masts. It also has a secret 2L cannon that can fire from any mast position.

Move= 1S


Play as you would normally. Except after all players have gone, The Deathbringer will go.

Deathbringer's turn:

Start by moving the Deathbringer tword the other island. Then the Deathbringer will fire at the closest ship within range.

The Deathbringer can still fire is secret cannon when it doesn't have any masts. The Deathbringer is unsinkable.


A player wins when he/she sinks or makes derelict every other ship (including the Deathbringer itself) before the Deathbringer reaches the other island. Otherwise the Mercs win.


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