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Running the Gauntlet/The sea-faring solitaire
January 31, 2006

Hey all, the reaper has returned with another Scenario for everyone to read and enjoy... *cough*and make you worship me*cough*. No cool intro this time though. Because its not a story based scenario like the ones before. Its not even based on you having an opponent. Prepare to run through the Gauntlet!

Running the Gauntlet/The Sea-faring Solitaire:

-Build a 50 point fleet for yourself. Then look through your collection for:
2 5-masters
2 4-masters
4 3-masters
4 2-masters
3 1-masters

-Divide your playing area into 5 horizontal Quadrants somehow. These will be called levels.

-Put the non-player ships into the levels as so:

Level 1- 2 1-masters
Level 2- 1 1-master and 2 2-masters
Level 3- 2 2-masters and 2 3-masters
Level 4- 2 3-masters and 2 4-masters
Level 5- 2 5-masters

-Place your ships in front of Level one

-To finish, you must get through all 5 levels
-To finish a level, you must sink all of the ships in that level
-Ships may not fire outside of the level they are in
-Only by finishing a level, can you move to the next.
-After your turn, every ship in the current level will attempt to fire at the closest ship

Losing in Level 1: A drunk Frenchman could fire better than you
Losing in Level 2: Don't quit you day job. (unless this is it, then quit. Now.)
Losing in Level 3: Not bad, we won't tell if you don't.
Losing in Level 4: The queen of Enland could use your skill as a comander
Losing in Level 5: Calico Cat is impressed, She wants you in her fleet. And it's not nice to say no.
Finishing the entire game: Blackbeard bends over and starts weeping because your display was the most beutiful thing he's ever seen.

*These are only meant to be funny, and not to cause offense to anyone.

Questions? Suggestions? Non-hate mail? e-mail me at justinturtle@hotmail.com

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