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ChaosReaper's The Wrath of the Kracken
January 23, 2006

"Something is wrong here."
"Its just your imagination Captain"
These were the words heard from the deck of the Lady's Scorn, between Calico cat and her first mate. "It just seems off. Just call it women's intuition." said Calico.
As she said those words, another of the ships in her fleet caught a small gust of wind and propelled ahead of the Lady's Scorn. Then, in the darkness of the night, she saw something rise up out of the water coming tword the ship ahead of her. It rose high out of the water and landed on the ship, instantly crushing it. Calico cat gave her first mate a stare that told him 'I told you so'.

Goal-There is an ancient artifact called the amulet of the ancients, is hidden on an island in this part of the ocean. The problem is, there is something in the water, something very very big.

Fleets= Players may use any Fleet toal. (note: the lower the fleet cost, the higher the difficulty)
No gold is used.
Islands=Place a single island in the middle of the playing area. Place a token representing the Amulet of the Ancients on the center of that island. Place all home islands 5L away from the center island

-To get the amulet from the island, dock at the island and wait until your next turn. At the beginning of your next turn, you may load the amulet as a free action. If another ship arrives at the center island docks at the center island before the beginning of your next turn; as a free action, you and the other ship's controller both roll a d6. Add the number to the respective ship's total crew and the higher roll takes the amulet.
-If a ship is sunk while holding the amulet, place it back on the center island.
-Every x+1 turns(where x = total number of players), that turn player(at the end of his/her turn) chooses any point on the border of the playing area and draws an imaginary line to any other point of the playing area or to an island (but not through an island). Every ship in this 'line' loses a mast or sinks if derelict due to the kracken sweeping it's tenticle across the area. This action must hit at least 2 ships. If impossible, one of that turn player's ships must lose a mast.

The winner is the player who gets the amulet back to his/her home island or has the last derelict ship. Other wise the Kracken wins. And he will eat you.


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