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ChaosReaper's Graveyard of Ships
January 11, 2006

Arrrrr! Welcome all to the graveyard of ships, my own page of creative custom scenarios. If you have some ideas, specific scenario questions, or just feel like talking like a pirate, feel free to e-mail me @ justinturtle@hotmail.com .
The actual scenario:
The Graveyard of Ships
Arrrr, welcome ya scallywags! These be the first of many a tale from the high seas ye can relive, if ye dare.....
Captain's log, day 13:
We are nearly there. The crew thinks the sea has given us fortune in our easy trip here. I think that it just has been fooling us, makings us cocky and careless. We only had a few run-ins with  small groups of pirates. But things have been going wrong all day. We woke up to a sail that was cut clean in half. Then a few crew disappeared. Another few have gotten hysterical, and even one jumped overboard. As we have neared the Legendary Graveyard of Ships, our lookout noticed that the wrecked ships didn't seem to show any signs of being shot at. Something is wrong here, and I have a bad feeling we are going to find more than gold here.
Your fleet (as well as a unknown number of others) has arrived at the Legendary Graveyard of Ships in search of gold and other treasures on the ships stuck in the reef. But something is wrong. There is an eerie stillness in the air, and strange things have been happening to your fleet the whole day. The other fleets won't be your only worries...
The wrecked ship fleet's build total is double the entire build total for all players. You may use any and all ships.
Board: Place reef terrain( or things representing reefs) in a cluster in the middle of the playing area(3 for every player). Place the players' home islands 4L away from the cluster and at least 3L away from other fleet's home islands.
Take all the game's gold and distribute it among the wrecked ship fleet's stat cards. don't worry about those ships cargo numbers)
Place all player ships on the respective home islands. Take all of the wrecked ship fleet's ships and remove one side piece from them to represent a 'wrecked' status. Then place them all ON the reef cluster pieces
-To retrieve gold from a wrecked ship, treat it like you would a Wild Island
-At the end of each human player's turn, roll a d6. On a 2 or 6, take any wrecked ship, replace its side piece and place in with its stern touching the edge of the reef cluster (turn player decides where to put it). That ships gains the Ghostship keyword, and loses its ability and keywords besides ghost ship.
-Taking the wrecked ship fleet's turn. This is a turn applied after everyone else's turns are over.
Every revived ship in its fleet will move toward the nearest ship and attempt to fire when in range.
These ships are always 'ghostly' when moving (meaning the ghost ship keyword is in effect).
-The game ends when either the last of the gold on the wrecked ships are taken (not the revived ones), or when a fleet is the only one with a non-derilict ship.
Winning conditions:
-A player wins when he/she has the most gold, or has the last surviving non-derelict ship. Otherwise the Graveyard of Ships wins and now has more ships to tempt the brave, greedy and foolish


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