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ChaosReaper on Pirates of the Spanish Main

Article #11 - A Fool and his Gold.
July 7, 2006

Sorry I have been inactive so long. A combination of laziness, technology hating me, vacation, and unwillingness to think has kept me from my calling. But today I am back with my custom scenarios again! Prepare the blast powder, we're going in!

A Fool and His Gold.

"Get back here with my gold!"

Blackhearts bellowing voice frightened the other pirate captain running like the wind away from him. So he ran even faster. Blackheart brought out his pistol, and he said "This is taking too long."

Blackheart fired. The blast echoed against the cave walls. Suddenly, the other captain fell silently. Blackheart stopped and looked at the man, and the bag he was carrying. It was open, and some of the raw gold had spilled out. Blackheart picked one up and examied it. "Waste of a bullet" Blackheart threw the gold onto the motionless captain and walked away.

"Tis the ultimate insult to a pirate, being killed over fools gold."


There is gold all over these islands, but as the saying goes, "All that glitters, is not gold"


-Setup like normal 40-point game, but the coin limit is 10, and the gold total must be 22.

-Make "Fools gold counters" (must be a treasure coin, maybe put a piece of paper on the number side to note it) and make one for each player. Shuffle these counters with the real gold and distribute them normally.


-Play as you would normally, but if you explore an island and find a fools gold counter, then destroy all treasure on that island (including unique treasures) and then you can destroy one opponent's crew and remove it from the game.

-If you find two or more Fool's gold counters on the same island, take all other treasure on all other wild islands (including explored islands) shuffle all but one fools gold counters into the treasure and re-distribute the gold to the wild islands. Then do the normal thing you would for the current island's fools gold counter.
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