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WizKids Pirates Scenario

Pirates of the Caribbean:
 Dead Man’s Chest

By: Ryan Goeckner

            Jack had made a deal with Davy Jones and now it’s time to fulfill his oath.  Jack is now faced with the daunting task of doing one of two things.  He could, of course, surrender his soul to Davy Jones, since he won’t do that Davy Jones has sent the Kraken, a horrid squid-like beast that swallows ships whole and leaves no survivors, to find and destroy Jack and the Black Pearl with him.  Or he could find the key to the Dead Man’s Chest and destroy the beating heart inside.  So he must be rescued from natives, travel to Tia Dalma’s hut, steal the key to the chest, and open the chest and destroy the heart.


Use normal rules for setup except:

      You need four islands one each to represents Tia Dalma’s island, the natives island, the prison island, and the chest island.

      You also need four coins, labeled in chronological order (1,2,3,4).  The first coin (1), represents the drawing of the key.  The second coin (2), represents your container of dirt (don’t know what it does but it was in the movie).  The third coin (3) represents the key.  The fourth coin (4) represents the Dead Man’s Chest.

      When building your fleets player one assumes the role of Captain Jack Sparrow.  In his fleet you must include a three or more masted ship (Black Pearl) and a two or lower masted ship to enter Tia Dalma’s isalnd.  The second player assumes the role of Davy Jones and must have a three or more masted ship (Flying Dutchman) and a sea monster (the Kraken).

      Concerning home islands player one starts on the prison island and player two starts at the chest island.

      At the beginning of the game player one starts with the coin marked one, representing the drawing of the key.  Player two starts with the coin marked three, representing the key.  The coin marked two is placed on Tia Dalma’s island, representing the container of dirt.  Finally the coin marked four is placed on the chest island representing the Dead Man’s Chest.

      To obtain the container of dirt you player one must dock, with his tow or less masted ship, at Tia Dalma’s island and explore it.  To receive the key from Davy Jones you must successfully board the “Flying Dutchman“.  To get the Dead Man’s Chest you must dock at the chest island and explore it.

To Win:

      If player one at any time possesses all four “items”on his ship he wins.

       If the “Flying Dutchman” or the “Kraken” destroys the “Black Pearl” then player two wins.    


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