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I wanted to share a couple of the scenarios I came up with.

1. When setting up the board take some the extra ships not being used and remove some of the masts and one of the side pieces. Scatter them across the field. Then during the game people could drop off a crewman aboard this shipwreck(marine, musketeer, captain, shipwright, canoneer, and any special crewmen, just these types of people) The crewmen cannot repair the ship or tow it home, they may however fire the remaining canons aboard the ship, but only in the 180 degree arc off the side of the ship that is still there, the side sticking out of the water. Other ships can still blast the pieces off, but if they do there is no repairing them. And occasionally once they go aboard, they might find one or two gold in the wreckage.

2. Setup the board using a ludicrous amount of islands, and the spacing between them is big enough for one and two masted ships to maneuver through very carefully. Any larger ship simply cannot make it thorugh the openings.

You have to outline the border of the playing field so no one can just sail around all the islands.
I hope these ideas are as fun for you as they have been for my friends and I. ~Topnwe

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