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 WizKids Pirates Scenario

“The Four Horsemen”

by William “WildWill” Noetling


     Their legend rose from the mists of the sea, they were hearty and experienced sailors, each spurned by their home country.  They came from all over the globe and each had different reasons for sailing on the Spanish Main.

Hardwick, the Englishman lost all hope for his country when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown.  The two Frenchmen, Bordeaux and Marseilles couldn’t have been more different, Bordeaux, the lackey for the Vicomtesse Richelieu, saw his employer (and secret love) killed at the hands of the English. Marseilles simply grew too old to be effective, being given his walking papers by the French Navy, a few years earlier than expected.  Ali is the conundrum of the group; his motives remain unknown to the other three, but it’s said he hates the Spanish more than any living soul.

     Together these four pooled their resources and purchased the Black Swan and put together a crack crew, which includes the wayward Jonah and First Mate Ismail, and have been practicing an odd form of Piracy.  They eschew the random gathering of treasure, in favor of outright sinking every vessel in site.

     Each other country has decided it high time to end these ruffians’ reign of terror.  Will the Four Horsemen be stopped?


Players 2 to 4

# of islands: 3 per player

Total Value of Gold: 20 per player

Total Number of Gold: 10 per player

Banned Unique Treasures: Plague, Scurvy, Fruit, Abandoned Crew

Suggested Unique Treasures: Neptune’s Trident, Explosives,


Player 1 - The Horsemen

13 Pts Black Swan (Pirate 5 master) Crew of any nationality can use their abilities.

 7 pts Lt. Nigel Hardwick (English marine) +1 against Americans

 7 pts Michel Bordeaux (French marine) + 1 against English

 6 pts Benoit De Marseilles (French Marine)

 7 pts Uluj Ali (Barbary Corsair Marine) + 1 against Spanish

 3 pts First Mate Ismail (Barbary Corsair) or Master Bianco (Spanish) - +1 cargo

 0 pts Jonah (Pirates)


 2 Pts Rover – Pirate Ship

 2 Pts Mermaid – Pirate Ship


Total Build Points – 47.



ˇ        Black Swan cannot pick up treasure, nor may more than two marines leave the ship at any given time. 

ˇ        Ignore Jonah’s ability stipulation (roll D6 when hit, remove one crew to nearest wild island on 5 or 6). 

ˇ        Once per turn Black Swan can be given a free repair action instead of a move or shoot. 

ˇ        Black Swan’s movement is considered S+L

ˇ        Each Marine can shoot once per turn regardless of action given.  If the action given is NOT a shoot action –1 to die roll.

ˇ        Marines must shoot at crew first before they can eliminate masts, killing the crew if they hit.   

ˇ        A roll of a 1 on any shoot roll by a Marine injures the Marine, and he cannot fire for 1D6 number of turns.

ˇ        Black Swan cannot tow any derelict vessel, nor can it leave a vessel derelict for her fleet mates to tow, Black Swan must sink all opponents.

ˇ        When the Horsemen sink a ship 1/2 of the gold on board is considered lost (as are all unique treasures).  The Horsemen seize the remainder and it is immediately placed on their home island.


All Other Players

For a 2 player game, the second player gets a 50 point fleet.  For a 3 player game the other players get a 40 point fleet, and for a 4 player game each player gets a 30 point fleet.



ˇ        Each fleet must be faction specific.  No multi-faction fleets (though characters like Brother Virgil may be present).  No duplicate factions.

ˇ        The Rule of Uniqueness is in force for ALL players

ˇ        Each fleet must have a “Fleet Commander” designated.  If this crew member is killed, the remaining ships of that fleet must immediately leave the game board as fast as possible, and may no longer attack.

ˇ        No Multi-Action Captains or Ships

ˇ        No Events

ˇ        No Zero-Limit, Ransom characters

ˇ        No Marines

ˇ        No Forts


Game Ending Condition:

The game is over when one of the following conditions are met:

1.    All four horsemen have been killed,

2.    The Black Swan sunk

3.    All Fleet Commanders are killed


Note: All the gold being taken is NOT a game ending condition.



Score 1 point for each point of treasure captured (Normal rule)

The Horsemen score 1 point per build total of each ship sunk

Score 10 points for each Fleet Commander killed (Horsemen only)

Score 10 points for each Horseman killed (Bonus 10 if one player kills all four)

Score 15 points if the Black Swan is sunk


Player with the most points wins!


Notes: The initial ship build for this scenario came from a user named Pagan_God over at WizKids official, but I have since re-worked it quite a bit.


For a one-on-one player game, I think the Four Horsemen would be more than overpowering, which is why I really think this build would go better for a multi-player game. 


I designed this scenario because it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, I love the idea of Marines, and the fact that they stack their abilities.


Hopefully you’ll like it, and I already have an idea for a sequel, or perhaps a campaign!


Avast me hearties!


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