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I thought of a fun scenario and thought the pojo community would enjoy using it.

Name: Blockade Breaker by ChaosReaper

Players: 3 is optimal

Time: 50 minutes

Player 1 has blockaded the home islands of players 2 and 3. 2 and 3 both need supplies only located on the other side of the blockade. Can they break through it and get the supplies in time?

Set up:
Start by setting 2 islands 2L directly across from eachother at one end of the table. Then put 2 more islands above the first 2 (2l and 1s above)(still 2L apart like first pair. Then do the same for another pair of islands for above the 2nd pair. Then place one island in the middle of the area between the first and second pairs. Put 8 coins of any value on this island.
(you may also use any terrain that you want)
Player 1's fleet consists of one type of nation for all ships and crew. Player may use up to 70 points for a fleet.
Player 2 and 3 fleets may consist of any combined nation's ships and crew as long as it doesn't include the nation player 1 uses. May use 40 points each.
Player 1's home island may be eithier of the 3rd pair placed (the top three). The other island becomes the supply island. Place a number of tokens (can be anything) on this island. These are the supply tokens. (explained later)
Set All (or as many as you can) of Player one's ships in a line inbetween the middle 2 islands. (any extra are placed on player 1's home island)
Set Player 2 and 3's ships on the bottom two islands (player 2 and 3 share these islands)

Player 2 and 3 are allied
Player 1 must keep at least half his fleet inside the blockade
Player 1 my not use forts
Player 2 and 3 may use forts, but it affects the win condition.
Player 1 can't grab any treasure
When a ship docks at "supply island" that ship must take a supply token as a free action.
Supply tokens take up no cargo space
Only one supply token may be held at one time
Any ship cannot move outside the 'rectangle' formed by the first 6 islands(1's home island, 2 and 3's joint home island, supply island, and the 2 islands that are the end of the blockade)
All other rules apply

-Player 1 wins when all of the other ships are derelict or sunk, or when time runs up
-Player 2 and 3 win when 2(+x, where x is how many forts were created by player 2 and 3) supply tokens are taken back to one of their home islands

Hope this is a fun scenario for you all!


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