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The American Revolution

The American Revolution was tough. Patriots were constantly were being attacked by the British. Hope came when the Patriots won the battle of Saratoga. The Americans knew that they had won the war after victory at Yorktown!

Three to five players (Possibly two)

Special rules: You are either allied, neutral, or enemy with the other players. Allied means that you don’t shoot at them, neutral means you don’t sink or make their ships derelict, enemy you shoot at them whenever you want. Repairing masts isn’t free. You have to pay 1 treasure for each mast (but you can repair as many as you want). You can buy ships that are out of the game according to the points. At the beginning of player1’s turn roll a die, if it’s a 3 or 4 the ships cost stays the same, if a five ships cost is -1, if 6 the cost is-3, if a 2 the cost is +1, if a 1 the cost is +3 through everyone’s turn. You can sell ships for the amount of points they are worth. First you have to get the ship(s) that you want to sell back to any home island. Then you check for the price of the ship and the die, and place the ship out of the play area and take your gold. You can also buy crew but you can’t sell them back. When placing bought ships, place the bow on your home island. You can only buy and sell one ship per turn regularly. Bought crew goes on a ship of yours. You CAN take treasure from opponents’ home islands.

Set Up: You start with a 50 pt. fleet of only one type of nation. Place 4 wild islands positioned toward the center. Place 6 behind those: max. range apart from the four islands L, minimum apart S. After all of the treasure is taken from the four islands place 8 on each again. Forts can only be made on the 6 islands surrounding the 4 middle ones. PLACE your home islands according to this: English and Americans are across from each other, Spanish to the left of English. French to the right of English and Pirates are anywhere with space. All of the home islands have to be behind the wild islands. On each of the four middle islands place 8 treasure coins of any value. The special abilities for nations according to which nation your fleet was designed are these, you can choose one: AMERICANS Patriotism- You can buy American ships for 3 less treasure, new ideas- all of your ships have L-range cannons. BRITISH Sheer power- all ships bought have + 1 cannon rolls, Royal navy- when you only have 2 ships left you can buy any ship for 5 treasure. SPANISH Stronghold- all ships bought or owned have +2 cargo hold. Gold accumulation- every treasure loaded on your home island gets +1 treasure. FRENCH Allies- Ships have +1 cannon rolls for every friendly ship within L- range, Camouflage flag- British and American ships get -1 cannon rolls to French ships. PIRATE Loyal crew- crew cost -2 pts, Swiftness- ships with 3> masts get +S to their base move. Declare alliances.

During The Game: When your turn starts you can change alliances one step at a time (enemy can’t change to ally on the same turn; it has to go through neutral first).

Winning The Game: You end the game when either Americans or English have no ships. The allies of the winning side are victorious!

-- I M Einstein

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