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Hi. My name is Jason Reeves and I am 27 years old and a recovering Yu Gi Holic. (the whole group in unison say "HI JASON!")

After my nervous breakdown and apparent arrest for something about assault with a deadly leaf blower and improper use of sign language, my doctors told me I needed a new hobby. Hence I wandered here to Pojo, and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but Wildwill pushing Pirates like it was moon pies at a Jenny Craig convention. So I took the bait and was HOOKED! My first two packs I bought held the Zephyr, Santa Theresa, Revenge, La Joya Del Sol, Calico Cat, and Sir Christopher Myngs. After the EMT revived me, I learned to play, and now torment my cousin who also likes to play. (Its just fun to watch her struggle under the HMS Titan with Sir Christopher and Gunner the Younger (whatever his name is)). ANYWHO! Having a BS (no jokes please) in Graphic Design, I have a slight amount of God given talent (so they tell me). I wondered if I could mold my own place to call home. So I went to work.

I used Crayola Colored clay (love that stuff) that I molded by hand for about 2 hours into this crazy design. I had wanted to do an archway large enough for 2 mast ships to run through if they were being chased by the Titan or others like her. I always loved the old pirate movie staple "Skull Island" hideaway, but I wanted to elaborate, and make my arch. So I came up with the idea of using more of the skeleton, not just the skull (I mean skulls are creepy, but skeletons are just plain warped). The idea for the backbone just kinda evolved as I found myself with too much clay and unused space. After it hardened I painted it, using some off brand paint my sister had, trying to give it that mix of rock and bone. I used a bit of dark and light green to make it look old and barnacled.

I think it came out great. I named it Isla del Sangrieto Pirata (I am not a Spanish major so please forgive my spelling). Loosely translated it means "Island of the Bloody Pirate". The Carrion Crow seemed to put it in scale, and what else would be circling a dead.... thing.

Anywho. Hope you enjoy as much as I do. I plan on doing more of these. Got an English one in mind.

Pippin of Pippin's Privateers
Jason Reeves

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