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From: Jason Reeves
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 10:45 AM

Subject: Island of the Tiki Tookie Tribe Jason Reeves

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NIECE, REBECCA! This island was a request by my niece who turned 13 on July 24.

She also got 2 packs of Pirates, 1 Crimson Coast, the other was Revolution (which she got a 5 mast French ship, lucky stiff) ANYWAY! She wanted something different than the last islands I had done. So we discussed doing a volcanic rim and she came up with the natives' temple ruins. She also came up with the sacrificing bridge that leads to the mouth of the volcano (thats my girl)! Made from the same stuff and took about the same time as the other 2 (Crayola colored clay, cheap paints, = 1 new addition, a cotton ball for the steam where the lava hits the water.)

She loves it so I am happy. I am COMPLETELY running out of ideas though. If anyone out there has any ideas for a new island, please share them. E-mail me or post them on the message board which I check often.


Until next time.

Jason Reeves
Pippin of Pippin's Privateers


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