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- Magic
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- Yu Yu Hakusho
- Harry Potter
- Anime



DeQuan Watson - "Working with Neggs"

Neggs are one of the major item types in the Neopets game.  I say some interesting interactions between them right from the get go.  This made me immediately want to build a deck around them.  They aren't really the most powerful type or anything, but they are definitely fun.

After looking over the spoiler list, there are a total of ten neggs available in the first set.  That's a lot to work with.  I haven't run the numbers yet, but it's probably more than any other particular type of item or equipment.  After playing online, I noticed there are a TON of different neggs.  This is neat, because it means there are many more to come.

Let's go over the various types of neggs. 

NOTE: for the purpose of saving time we will use the following:

A = Agility, I = Intelligence, M = Magic, S = Strength


When you win a contest, search your deck for a negg and put it into your hand.

This is one of the best neggs.  The problem is, it is extremely hard to get, since it is a foil card.  I would recommend playing the full allotment of three if you are going to go negg heavy in your deck.  This is great utility, since it lets you get a negg to help the most in any given situation.


You need an Earth neopet to play this.  +3A for each negg in your bank.

This negg is good if you plan to lock up the agility arena.  A couple of these can help you win this arena easily.  You can put your opponent in a position that they can only win by rolling a six.  Sometimes they will still win, but now it is a one in six shot.

SILVER NEGG - +4S, +5A, +3I

Add +2 to all stats if your opponent does not play an item in this contest.

This is cool in general.  This card has some strategy as to when to play it.  Try playing it during the second or third contest of the turn.  Either then, or when your opponent has very few cards in hand.  It's a good way to help seal the deal on a contest.  I like cards with strategy and skill built into their usage and this is one of those cards.  The bonuses on this card alone make it worth playing.


If you lose this contest, discard a negg from your bank.

This seems like a big drawback, but it is truly worse than it is.  The real reason being that this is the only negg in the set that is worth 4NP on its own.  It may or may not be a chance worth taking.  If nothing else, you can simply use it as a banking only card in your deck.  It still counts has a different type of negg in your bank.

SPECKLED NEGG - +4A, +4I, +4S, +4M

If all of the cards in your bank are neggs, this card is worth 4 neopoints.

Honestly, a well balanced deck is going to have a lot of trouble having just neggs in your bank.  But, it is definitely worth it to have the chance at getting +4 to all your stats.  It allows this card to be used in any arena.  There aren't many cards in the set that give bonuses greater than 2 to multiple stats, much less all four of them.  I would recommend playing this even if you aren't playing a negg heavy deck.

YELLOW NEGG - +5A, +2M, +2I

If you have at neggs of at least 4 different names in your bank, this card is worth 4 neopoints. 

I like this negg too, but it's not as insane as some of the other.  This one is simply well balanced.  Also, since it is an uncommon, it's reasonably easy to get your hands on.  Cards that give bonuses to multiple stats are always great.

BLUE NEGG - +3S, +4A

If you have at neggs of at least 4 different names in your bank, this card is worth 4 neopoints. 

The multiple negg in your bank theme is on several cards, so this just helps reinforce that concept.


This is probably the weakest of all the neggs.  It does nothing special and has no added benefits.  However, getting +8 to a stat is nothing to laugh at.

+4A, +2M

If you have at neggs of at least 4 different names in your bank, this card is worth 4 neopoints. 

This is another one with the multiple negg in bank requirement.  It's got a nice bonus set to it, so it's definitely worth playing.


When you bank this card, you may take a negg from your discard pile and put it into your hand.

At first I saw the bonus line on this negg and thought, "Man, this must be the worst one."  However, the ability is great.  You don't ever truly want to have this one in play.  You just want to bank it so you can recycle any lost neggs.  This helps recover neggs that were lost in contests.  Also, cards like this are greet against discard heavy decks.

Using the neggs as part of your winning strategy can be both neat and fun.  Truth be told though, at this point in the game, it's hard to get by playing ONLY neggs as your items.  With just neggs, you will have a lot of holes to fill in your deck.  You have to find some other things that work well with them.  I'd imagine after another set or two, there will be enough variability in the neggs to allow you to play with those as your only items.

I like the interaction between these items a lot.  They are reasonably simple and pretty straightforward.  Another thing to remember is that these are items that are also FOOD.  This is important for a few cards in the set, so you might want to search around for some interesting interactions and worth them into the same deck.  One such card is Snorkle.  It's a Petpet card that allows you to discard a food card to give the neopet that it's an additional +3 to all stats.  This can be huge.  It can be even better if you are pretty set on winning the contest and have a Happy Negg in hand.  You can then bank the Happy Negg and get back the negg that you discarded to the Snorkle.  There are a lot of small strategies like this in the game that make playing lots of cards of a particular type very interesting.

I'll eventually post a deck with the neggs in it and then I might do a review over another type of card.  Let me know what you think and what you like, or what you want to read about.  There is a lot to learn about this game in the early stages, so there is plenty to write about.

Until then, have fun with your neggs.

DeQuan Watson
a.k.a. PowrDragn

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