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v. yamˇmered, yamˇmerˇing, yamˇmers
v. intr.
To complain peevishly or whimperingly; whine.
To talk volubly and loudly.

Here's a spot to share Thoughts, Rants, Tips, Tourney Reports, Deck Ideas, etc. with other readers of  A couple of times per week, we will post fan submissions right here for everyone to read.    Tournament Reports and Peasant Magic Decks will also be double posted in their respective sections.

Submission Rules:

  • Include your name and email address at the bottom of your card strategies.
  • Put the title of your strategy or Rant (or deck name ) & your name on the subject line of your email. (This simplifies our task immensely).   Also put whether your deck is Type 1, Type 2, Extended, etc.
  • We will not post simple deck lists! (To be posted here, you need to describe ideas behind your deck).  If you want input from fans on your deck, please post it on our Message Board, do not send it here.
  • Also .. important note ... if we don't think your deck is "post-worthy" ... we will not post it.  Decks that aren't streamlined and have totally random creatures, and only one of each, aren't usually post-worthy, unless you have a great reason.  ;-)
  • Send to (if info above is not included, it will not be posted)

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