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Level II Judge


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Judge Bill's Magic The Gathering Rulings

Title: Enchanting Issues
Questions: 17
Q: I was wondering about the control of enchantments when you enchant a permanent an opponent controls. Do you still control the enchantment, or is it something he takes control of, despite you remaining the owner of the card?
A: You control the enchantment. Effects can vary depending whether an ability is on a card, or if the enchantment grants the permanent it enchants an ability. In the former case, only you can play it. In the latter case, only the owner of the permanent can play it, because the ability is on his permanent.
Q: As an example:
I enchant an opponent's Forest with Genju of the Cedars. Do I have the ability to use my mana pool to activate it's ability, or is the enchantment then under the control of my opponent?
A: Since the Genju has the ability, you are the only one that can play it. So you are the only one that can turn his land into a creature.
Genju of the Cedars
Enchant Forest   
2: Enchanted Forest becomes a 4/4 green Spirit creature until end of turn. It’s still a land.
When enchanted Forest is put into a graveyard, you may return Genju of the Cedars from your graveyard to your hand. 
Q: Further, since the Genju is enchanting his land, does he have the ability to activate it?
-Sean M.
A: No. See above.
Q: Local enchantments don't fall off if it's target is no longer a legal target.
A: Correct. BUT...
q: For example, Regeneration doesn't fall off if the creature is given protection from green.
A: Incorrect. Protection will always remove an enchantment, since it is one of the 4 facets of protection. It doesn't matter that the enchantment no longer targets. See Mantra 4.
Q: In response to me tapping my Scepter, my opponent wanted to tap it to stop the effect.
A: Sorry, Mantra 1 applies to both players when a spell is being played.
Q: Can you make Morphling an 8/0 and then pump its toughness after damage is on the stack to keep it alive?
A: Nope. Morphling will die as soon as it has 0 toughness. It won't even do damage.
Q: My opponent taps his land, showed me the card he is going to play, and then untaps his land, because he wanted to tap a different land instead, and said his hand was still on the land.  To me it was a play mistake, since he already tapped the land and showed me the card, I call it cheating.  What do you think?
A: I think you need to be less anal on this one. Press the issue, and I'd hit you with an Unsporting Conduct penalty.
(I also think you need to stop being so high and mighty yourself.)
Q: With Cabal Therapy, do you name the card when you play it or it resolves?
A: When it resolves. If the person playing Therapy plays too fast and immediately names the card, and the opponent responds by playing it, the person playing Therapy can name a different card.
(I would caution the person playing the Therapy to not name the card until Therapy resolves. If he ignores my cautions a few times, I would start applying a Procedural Error - Minor penalty.
I would give him quite a few chances to play it right before I started penalizing him, though.)
Q: To trigger Intruder Alarm, Can I play Verdant Touch to bring a creature into play?
-Jeff Gurien
Q: If I enchant Jareth, Leonine Titan with Entangler, would he get +7/+7 for each creature he blocks, or does he just get the usual +7/+7?
A: No matter how many creatures he blocks, he blocks once. So he only gets one +7/+7.
Q: I am at 4 and my opponent is at 10. My opponent has an Ornithopter with a Cranial Plating and 8 artifacts in play total. Can I take the damage from the Thopter, then play Pulse of the Fields twice?
A: No. Once you are at 0, you are dead. Dead. Dead, I say. The game is over.
(This is not Fifth Edition anymore.)
Q: If I have a Toshiro Umezawa in play, and 3 of my opponents creatures go to the graveyard, can I wait until end of turn to play the instants, or do I have to do it then?
A: Does the card say you can wait until end of turn? No. So you have to play it right then, or not at all.
Q: I have a Vedalken Orrery and Kokusho in play. Can I play a (second) Kokusho, then in response play another one?
A: Sure. But ...
Q: Would he lose 15 life?
A: No. The third Kokusho would come into play, making both it and the first Kokusho go to the graveyard. The triggers happen, you drain your opponent for 10, and then the second Kokusho comes into play. Since there isn't a Kokusho in play right now, the second Kokusho stays out.
Q: I have a Genju of the Fields and am attacking with it. My opponent blocks with a Ravenous Rats. Does the Genju deal 2 damage or 1? Does the Rat take 2 or 1?
-Omar S.
A: How much power does the Genju have? (No, DON'T LOOK AT THE RAT. It is irrelevant.) Creatures always assign and deal their power in combat. The toughness of any blocking creature is irrelevant.
Q: My opponent has a 2/2 creature enchanted with Empyrial Armor and he has 2 cards in his hand. I play Blood Lust on that creature, dropping it's defense down to 1, and then attempt to kill it by putting a -1/-1 counter (from my Serrated Arrow) on it. Does it die?
-Ling T.
A: Yes, it dies. Empyrial Armor's bonus is calculated once, and effects that change the statistics do not make the Armor recheck.
See you next time.
Bill Guerin
DCI level 2 judge

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