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Frozen Sticks

Q: I have a Chill out. My opponent has an Isochron Scepter with a red Instant on it. Does he have to pay [4] to use the Imprinted Instant?
A: Yes. He will have to pay 2 mana when he plays the Scepter copy, added to the 2 mana he spent to activate the Scepter, which is 4 mana total.
Q: I had Platinum Angel out on the field and ran out of cards in my deck and it was just down to me and one friend when I did so what happens do I lose or what?
A: No. You can't lose (to a game action) with Platinum Angel is in play. This includes trying to draw a card when you have no cards in your library.
You will simply continue the game, without getting a card in your draw step (as you have no more to draw).
Q: On Confiscate, What does You Control Enchanted Permanent mean?
-Patrick W.
A: It means you take control of the permanent you put Confiscate on.
Q: If my opponent attacks with a 2/2, and say I have a Goblin Sharpshooter. I block with that Sharpshooter and before it dies, I tap it to deal 1 damage to the 2/2. Does the 2/2 take 2 damage then?
A: Yes, it takes 2 damage - one from the Sharpshooter's ability, and then one more from combat damage. It will die.
(Note that the Sharpshooter won't untap before it hits the graveyard, so you can't get another point of damage in when you kill the 2/2.)
Q: This is the same concept. I have any Spellbomb and I have a Shrapnel Blast. When I use the Shrapnel Blast, I must sacrifice an artifact. During this process, May I sac the Spellbomb for Shrapnel Blast but also to draw a card?
-Victor B.
A: No. See Mantras 1 and 11.
Q: My friend has a 6/6 Doubtless One. He attacks, and I block with a 2/2. How much life will he gain?
A: How much damage did the Doubtless One deal? (No, don't look at the defender. Its toughness is irrelevant. Look at the Doubtless One's power.)
Since the Doubtless One dealt 6 damage, he will gain 6 life.
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


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