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Judge's Corner

Title: Copying Splice
Questions: 5
Q: If you Splice Onto Arcane and then copy the original spell (e.g. Kodama's Reach with a spliced Glacial Ray, copied by Uyo, Silent Prophet), are spliced spells copied as well? From my understanding of the rules spliced spells copy their text onto the base spell, so if that base spell is copied the additions should be copied along with it.
-The Artificer
A: Splice puts the text of the spliced card directly onto the spell, and makes it as if the spliced portion was printed on the card. So if you Uyo a spell that has spliced portions added on, you will get the entire spell, including the spliced portions.
(This is not optional. You can not choose to "ignore" the spliced portion when you copy the spell.)
Q: My friend has a Mogg Sentry and 2 Raging Goblins in play and attacks with the Raging Goblins... the person he plays had a Mogg Fanatic and blocked 1 of the goblins that attacked. He said that he then sacs it to deal 1 damage to the other Raging Goblin... would that prevent all the damage?
-Vaibhav S.
A: Yes, but the Raging Goblin that was blocked will still live, since damage wasn't yet put on the stack.
(If the controller of the Fanatic really wanted, he could wait until damage was on the stack, and then sacrifice the Fanatic to kill the other Raging Goblin. He would take 1 damage in this scenario, but both Raging Goblins would then end up dead.)
Q: I have Salvaging Station and March of the Machines in play.  If I tap Salvaging Station to return an Aether Spellbomb from my graveyard to play, will this cause the Station to untap, or can I not even target the Spellbomb in the first place?
A: ...? Salvaging Station only untaps when a creature goes to the graveyard from play, not when a creature comes into play.
(Salvaging Station will untap if the Spellbomb goes to the grave with March in play, as the Spellbomb is a creature when it goes to the grave (where it stops being a creature).)
Q: If you have a creature in play that is attacking and has the ability to gain life for the damage it deals (Rakavolver with kicker); and the defender has a creature with protection from red that prevents the damage, is the life giving ability of Rakavolver still satisfied? meaning is the damage dealt and you gain the life but it does nothing to the defending creature?
A: Protection prevents the damage. Prevented damage is never dealt, so things that trigger on damage being dealt won't trigger if the damage is prevented.
So you won't gain the life.
Q: My friend plays with a sliver deck and brings out Ward Sliver and he gives all his Slivers protection from the color that I am playing with, I was wondering if his slivers could be destroyed with Obliterate, Wrath of God or any other such destroying card even if he has protection from that color.
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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