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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Morphing Mask

Q: Does a card played via the ability of Illusionary Mask behave like an unmoprhed creature?

A: Except for being 0/1 (as defined by the Mask's ability) and having the mask counters to turn it face up, they behave just like each other.


Q: In other words, does any ability that refers to a "face up" or "face down" card work on both the same way? (ex. Bonethorn Valesk, Ixidor, Reality Sculptor...)

A: Yes. The rules don't distinguish on why a creature is face down or how it is turned face up.


Q: And does turning it face up use the stack if unmorphing a creature doesn't?

A: Not applicable, as neither uses the stack. The only difference in turning it face up is:

A) for the Mask: Remove all face counters from the face down creature.

B) for Morph: show all players what the Morph cost will be when the Morph effect ends, then pay that Morph cost.


Q: And if I play a creature that has morph with the mask, can I pay its morph cost to turn it face up?


A: Yes. If a creature put into play via Illusionary Mask has a Morph cost when the effect allowing it to be face down ends, you may show all players that Morph cost and turn it face up. (It will still have the Mask counters on it.)


Q: My friend argues that +1/+1 counters are temporary increases that are removed when damage is dealt. So 3 damage to my Triskelion would remove all counters. I disagree - if that were true, lots of cards, namely Triskelion & Dragon Blood would be worthless.

-Aaron L.

A: Your friend is incorrect. Damage dealt to a creature does NOTHING to change its power, toughness, or any counters on it. The only thing damage does is to destroy the creature if the damage dealt this turn is equal to or greater than the creature's toughness.


Q: Multiple Hesitations and or Standstills and or Decree of Silences get put into play by a Replenish. That player's opponent plays a spell - what happens?

-Evan D.

A: All cards will trigger. All Hesitations and Standstills will be sacrificed, and each Decree of Silence will get a counter. You will draw cards equal to three times the number of Standstills that were in play. (These triggers are resolved one at a time, but I just put the ending effect.)


Q: I made a lazy deck around Shared Fate. What happens if there are no more cads to remove your draw is replaced so I guess nobody loses.

-Fernando G.

A: Correct.


Q: If I get a Ward Sliver in play and I choose the color white because I have a Wrath of God in my hand, will my slivers be destroyed or will they survive?

A: They will be destroyed. See Mantra 3.


Q: If my slivers have protection from a chosen color because of Ward Sliver, can they be blocked by creatures of the chosen color?

A: No. Read Mantra 4 (and all of my Mantras, for that matter.)


Q: If I get an Intruder Alarm into play with 4 elves, and next turn I play voice of the woods, can I tap those 5 elves to put in a 7/7 creature token and untap them then tap them again to add another one and untap them and tap them again to add another one and so on?

-A. J.

A: Yes.


Q: If you play Chain of Plasma and your opponent discards a card to copy the spell, can you then discard Guerilla Tactics to deal the 4 damage plus the 3?

-Curt G.

A: Yes. The copy is causing you to discard Guerilla Tactics, and it is a spell an opponent controls, so Guerilla Tactics will trigger.


Q: Does Interdict do the same thing as Stifle except the "draw a card" thing?

-Sophia T.

A: No. Interdict can't counter triggered abilities.


Q: I have an Engineered Plague out, calling clerics.

My friend plays a 1/1 cleric.

He then sacrifices the cleric to a Starlit Sanctum so I lose 1 life....

-Yong J.

A: He can't do that. When the Cleric comes into play, it is a 0/0 and is put into the graveyard immediately, before any players can play any abilities. There is no time where the (originally) 1/1 cleric is in play at a time when your friend can play the Sanctum's ability.


Q: Player A has a Raging Goblin, a Goblin Sledder, and 3 1/1 goblin tokens and attacks with all of them. Can Player A use Goblin Sledder's effect after blockers are declared?

A: Yes. Read Mantra 10.


Q: If he sacrifices one of the blocking cards that player B controls...

-Allen J.

A: He can't do that. You can't sacrifice a creature you don't control.



From my last column:

>>>Q: If I have Thorn Elemental with Lure on it, and my opponent has 2 2/2's out, and I attack not having it deal its damage directly, do they lose 10 or 5 life?


A: They lose 0 life. Thorn Elemental doesn't have trample.<<<

Q: *&^%$#! I knew I forgot something! Okay, let me ask the question again.

If I have Thorn Elemental with Lure on it, Brawn in my graveyard, and a Forest in play, and my opponent has 2 2/2's out, and I attack not having it deal its damage directly, do they lose 10 or 5 life?


A: They will lose anywhere between 0 and 3 life, depending on how the trample damage is assigned. See Mantra 5.

See you Tuesday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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