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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Title: Dark Questions
Questions: 9
Q: The card "Blanket of Night" turns all lands into Swamps, in addition to their first land type. Does this also give all lands the ability to produce black mana?
-Sasha L.
A: Blanket of Night
Each land is a Swamp in addition to its land type.
Since each land has the Swamp land type, that means they can tap for black mana. A land with the Swamp land type, by definition, taps to produce black mana.
Q: Does Mox Diamond make you discard a land when it comes into play, or when you play it?
A: As the Oracle wording reads, Mox Diamond makes you discard a land as an additional cost to play it.
Mox Diamond
As an additional cost to play Mox Diamond, discard a land card from your hand.
{T}: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.
Q: Is it possible to use the Mox Diamond as a Lotus Petal?
A: No. Since you have to discard a land when you play it, it is not possible to play Mox Diamond in that way.
Q: I equip a creature with Cranial Plating. Then during combat some ability or spell causes one of my other artifacts to be destroyed. When does this affect the power of the equipped creature?  Does it depend on the timing of the destruction of the artifact?
A: The ability of Cranial Plating (and other cards with a similar ability) is a continuous ability. Thus, if an artifact is destroyed, the creature equipped with Cranial Plating has its power immediately reduced by 1.
(If the artifact is destroyed after combat damage is put on the stack, it will still lose the 1 power immediately; but, since damage is already on the stack, it will do the amount of damage that was originally assigned.)
Q: What about with Hunger of the Nim? Does that work the same way?
-Christopher L.
A: Hunger of the Nim is a sorcery, as opposed to Cranial Plating, which has a continuous ability. Since it is a sorcery, the power bonus that Hunger of the Nim gives will only be determined once, and that is when Hunger of the Nim resolves. If you change the number of artifacts you control after that, the bonus won't be changed.
Q: My opponent plays 2 Shocks targeting my untapped Pristine Angel. After referring him your column with DEBT footnote, he then proceeds to untap his lands and return the Shocks to his hand. Is this legal? Would they go to the graveyard due to lack of legal target?
A: They would go back to his hand. Since he didn't choose a legal target (since you can't target the Angel), the spell is never played, and thus, you go back to the time right before the spell is played. At that time, the Shock is still in his hand.
(If this happened in a tournament, I would either give a caution or a warning, along with a stern reminder not to do that again.)
Q: Can you counter cycling using a Counterspell?
-Ray N.
A: No. Cycling is not a spell, it is an ability. It would take a card like Stifle to counter the cycling ability.
Q: If I declare an attacker, and there are no blockers to respond with, can my opponent tap certain artifact cards in order to possibly change the result (such as destroying my creature)?
Basically, can cards be tapped for their abilities after I declare attackers?
-Ryan K.
A: Yes to both. After blockers are declared (declaring 0 blockers is still declaring blockers), both players receive priority to play spells and abilities.
He could also play the same ability after you declare attackers, but before he would declare blockers.
Q: I was wondering if you could tell me the tournament rules.
-B. Hamelin
A: The tournament rules can be found at http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=mtgcom/tournamentcenter. The pertinent links can be found in the "Resources for Tournament Players, Organizers, and Judges" section. You will want to download the Comprehensive Rules and Oracle Card Reference. You will also need the Universal Tournament Rules, which can be found at http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dci/utr/intro.
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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