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Mana and Lands


Questions: 6

Q: When Vault of Whispers comes into play is it counted as one land and then when tapped adds another land to equal 2 lands or is it that it goes in the land pool and when you tap it, then you get 1 mana?
A: Your latter explanation is the more correct one. Lands do not produce any mana when they come into play ... they only produce mana when they are tapped for mana.
Q: I control a Rootrunner and my opponent has 3 lands open, 1 Island and 2 Forests. After I attack I sac Rootrunner and target the Island to go on top of his deck. He responds by tapping 3 to play Thirst for Knowledge. Can he do this?
A: Yes. The ability of Rootrunner is a normal activated ability. Since it is not a mana ability, it can be responded to before it resolves.
Q: If I have an Arcbound Ravager out, and both me and my opponent have a Disciple of the Vault out, and I have less life than him, but more artifacts than he does life, can I kill him on his turn?
A: Yes. Sacrifice an artifact. Since it is his turn, his Disciple trigger goes on the stack below your Disciple trigger. Let your Disciple trigger resolve, then, before his Disciple trigger resolves, sacrifice another artifact. repeat until your opponent is dead.
Q: Hypothetically, could I activate Akki Avanlancher's ability multiple times before the first one resolves off the stack and it's "play this ability only once per turn" clause activates?  Or would it counter the other activations of the ability which are still on the stack?
-Terence P.
A: No. "Play this ability only once each turn" means exactly that - you can only play the ability once each turn. After the first time you play the ability, the game won't let you play the ability again.
Q: Can a provoke creature equipped with a Whispersilk Cloak still provoke?
A: The creature with the Cloak on it can still use the provoke ability. However, when it comes time to declare blockers, the creature that was provoked won't be able to block the Cloaked creature, since that creature is unblockable.
(If there are other creatures attacking, that means the provoked creature can block any of the other creatures.)
So the net effect is the provoke ability "won't work" on an unblockable creature.
Q: what does Phasing do?
-Richard S.
A: Phasing is defined in section 502.15 of the Comprehensive Rules.
It has many aspects, which would be better covered by reading the rule than attempting an explanation here, but the basic concept is that the permanent with phasing gets "sucked into another dimension" every other turn (when it phases out) and comes back on turns that it was phased out.
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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