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Judge's Corner

Zuberas Galore


Questions: 8

Q: For the card Devouring Greed, if I sacrifice some Dripping-Tongue Zuberas as part of the cost of the card, can I also sacrifice the spirit tokens created when the Zuberas go to the graveyard as part of the cost for the Greed as well or do they come into play too late?
A: They come into play too late. The creation of the Spirits by Dripping-Tongue Zubera is a normal triggered ability, and needs to go on the stack and resolve before you get them. By the time the triggered ability resolves, it is way too late.
Q: For the card Dripping-Tongue Zubera, if I were to sacrifice 3 of them in play at once for some effect, would I be able to decide the order in which they go to the graveyard, put their abilities on the stack separately and end up with 6 spirit tokens, or would I only get 3 since they all go to the graveyard at the same time?
-Robert H.
A: Neither. It doesn't matter what order you put them on the stack ... when each ability resolves, it counts the number of Zuberas that have gone to the graveyard this turn. (Assuming no other Zuberas have gone to the graveyard this turn by the time the triggered ability resolves,) Each triggered ability will see that 3 Zuberas have gone to the graveyard, so you will get 3 Spirits for each ability, for a total of 9 spirits.
Q: How do you use Early Frost effectively?
A: Typically, the best times to play Early Frost would either be during your opponent's upkeep step, or during his end step. You cast it during his upkeep to prevent him from being able to cast sorceries or permanents. You cast it during his end step to stop counterspells from being played on your turn.
Q: If Bushi Tenderfoot is blocked by a larger or smaller creature does it flip?
A: Bushi's Flip ability is a normal triggered ability. Therefore, unless his toughness is boosted or he is given first (or double) strike, there is no way for him to do damage in combat and flip. He'll die before he flips.
Q: Does Heartbeat of Spring work with Gaea's Cradle and other cards like it? 
-James R.
A: Yes. Anytime ANY land taps for mana, you get to add one more mana of any of the types that land produced to your mana pool.
Heartbeat of Spring
Whenever a player taps a land for mana, that player adds one mana of that type to his or her mana pool. 
Q: If I have taken control of a Festering Goblin with Vedalken Shackles, I attack and the goblin is blocked and goes to the graveyard.
He still owns the creature so it goes to his graveyard, but who gets to give a creature -1/-1?
A: You do. You controlled the creature when it went to the graveyard, so you control the triggered ability.
Q: Can a mistform become a Locus to add 1 extra mana for Cloudpost?
A: No. Locus is not a creature type.
Q: Can mistforms become multiple types (like Zombie Cleric, Elf Goblin, Wizard Beast, etc) for 1 land?
A: No. A means one. therefore, you choose ONE creature type.
Each time the ability resolves, it overwrites all previous types.
If you play the ability multiple times, the mistform will be the creature type last chosen and only that type.
See you Tuesday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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