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Re: Champions of Kamigawa


Questions: 7

As we are starting to get a few cards out for the new set, I have a few comments about what I will and will not answer with regards to a new set in this column. It was summed up nicely some time ago, and I repeat it each time a new set starts to get cards revealed:
This is my policy on answering cards before the release of the official list (which will likely be on 19 September):
1) You must provide me with the full rules text of the card. I will answer the question based on the rules text you give me. If the rules text you give me turns out to be different that the actual rules text, then it may change the ruling.
2) I will not answer questions that deal with a block or set mechanic until the FAQ for the set has been released, unless the mechanic has been seen in another set previously, in which case I will rule based on what we currently know about the mechanic.
In addition, I need you to hold all questions related to multiple legendary permanents of the same name for a little bit. (For those who are unaware, Mark Rosewater, in his column Monday, informed us there is a new rule for legendary permanents as of Champions.)
I will be writing a column about prereleases in my last normal column before the prerelease. I will also be moving that column, which is scheduled to post 16 September, up one day, and post it 15 September (Thursday instead of Friday). That column will deal only with the prerelease. I will not be answering any reader rules questions in that column - it will strictly be information about the prerelease and Champions.
I will be going over the new legends rule in that column. (I want to see the FAQ, which should give us plenty of information about it, to have solid information about it before I pass it on.)
Now that I have that out of the way, we can get to the questions...
Q: My opponent plays Goblin Charbelcher, and activates it targeting me.  He reveals his entire deck, and there is no land in the deck... how much damage do I take?
A: You take damage equal to the number of cards revealed (which is the number of cards in his deck). You don't have to reveal a land to do the damage.
Q: There is a Chalice of the Void out with 4 charge counters on it... Does that mean that if I play Last Word, it is countered? Or does the effect of it take place, and ignore Chalice?
A: Chalice will attempt to counter the Last Word, and fail. Then Last Word will counter the spell it's targeting.
Q: If I play Chalice of the Void for zero, can I later on play a Chalice for 1 or 2? ( or any number for that matter?) Or does Chalice count as 0 cc no matter how much you spend when you play it?  Or does Chalice count as, say, 2 mana cc if I play it for 4 mana?
-Kyle F.
A: X, anywhere but on the stack, is 0. So a Chalice in play has a mana cost of 0, but a Chalice on the stack is 2 times the number of charge counters you will be putting on it. So, if you have a Chalice with 0 charge counters on it, and you play a Chalice for one charge counter, the Chalice being played has a mana cost of 2, and won't be countered by a Chalice with 0 counters on it.
Q: Your combat phase breakdown helped me some... but I am still a bit confused on something.  If I don't declare attackers; will the combat phase not have happened?
-Jon N.
A: The combat phase always happens. If you don't declare any attackers, the game will skip the Declare Blockers and Combat Damage steps. So the steps in a combat phase with no attackers go as follows:
-Beginning of Attack step (both players get priority).
-Declare Attackers Step. Once you declare no attackers, both players get priority. Once this step ends, the game skips the Declare Blockers and Combat Damage steps, and goes straight to the:
-End of Combat step (both players get priority).
Q: My opponent have a untapped Pristine Angel in play. I cast Wave of Reckoning. Does the Pristine Angel go to the grave due to the damage? Or does the protection from all color prevents all damage?
-Kotaro K.
A: This was actually answered in the Odyssey FAQ (since the first creature with protection from all colors, Iridescent Angel, was introduced there):
"Protection from all colors: This grants a creature five different protection abilities. These are protection from white, from blue, from black, from red, and from green."
Since Pristine Angel has protection from all colors, it has protection from white. Thus, the damage is prevented.
Q: If my opponent has a 2/2 creature, and a 1/1 creature, and I have a Fireball and 5 lands (one of them red), if I tap all my lands, would I be able to kill them both given that you have to pay (1) for the target beyond the first, rounded even?
-Mad Dog
A: No. Let's go through the spell:
It costs {R} to start, leaving you 4 mana.
It costs {1} for the second target, leaving you 3 mana, which is the value for X.
3, divided by 2, is 1.5.
1.5, rounded down, is 1.
So each creature will take one damage. Thus, the 2/2 will live.
You will need 6 mana to kill both of the creatures (to do 2 damage to each).
Q: I know that you can have as many lands as you want, but “Cloudpost” doesn’t seem like a regular land. And I wanted to know exactly how many I can have in my deck?
-Vitaly P.
A: Here is the deck construction rule:
100.2 ... A constructed deck can have any number of basic land cards and no more than four of any card with a particular English name other than basic land cards.
A "basic land card" is a land with the supertype basic. Since Cloudpost does not have the supertype basic, you are limited to 4 Cloudposts in your deck.
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge


Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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